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  1. 1 hour ago, Captain Chaos said:

    To add some confusion, DOT 5 is silicone based and DOT 5.1 is not. 

    Yeah - sorry, forgot about 5.1 - really extreme temps LOL!

  2. 23 minutes ago, Swiss Toni said:

    And Dot 4 is kinder to paintwork!

    Its not actually! Dot 5 which is silicone based is the one that doesn't affect paint, 4 will happily eat paint as well. The DOT ratings defines relative fluid boiling points - 3 is fine for most 'everyday' applications, 4 is higher and better for racing or barrelling down alpine roads with a caravan behind you LOL! Word of caution don't try mixing mineral based oils with silicone ones - it'll end in tears and no brakes!

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  3. Has it ever run in this configuration? I've never seen / used or played with an Ignitech Racing 3 unit, so treat anything said as guesswork!

    There are some strange setting figures in some of that set up that don't make 'normal' sense?

    I don't know how the unit synchronises with the std wide tooth and that may be an issue?

    The signal trace is odd - wide tooth is obvious then there should be 3 more equally spaced - but they aren't ? And there is no output on the 2nd channel?

    Dwell time seems excessive - I usually have a setting of 3000 - 3500 microsecs

  4. The Haynes maybe in Black & White but all the colours are noted on the wire routes - its not that tricky to follow! Only real difference between the GS and GSX will be ignitions ( points vs electronic ) also the daft light feed wired from the RR on the GS, so potentially interchangeable although nothing is guaranteed!

  5. Bigger and shiney is generally not worth the effort. Bigger carbs mess with where you are 90% of the time and the only polishing worth doing is the cyl. head chamber and even that only lasts for a few hundred miles!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Upshotknothole said:

    My stock 1100m engine with RS38s and a full akra did about 120 on the dyno years ago. That engine is begging to have some work done to it.

    Seems a bit down considering stock M's were claimed 150 with 40mm CVs - I know that was crank but did have quiet exhaust! My L with 36 CVs and a pipe made 126 rwhp!

  7. Unless the symptoms at wot are on the road or on a Dyno, you can't tell what it needs but only going up 10 points it is likely deffo lean - it's a radically different intake & exhaust from stock. And K&N's aren't restrictive! But CV carbs don't particularly like individual pods - duals work better!

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Pegleg said:

    Dunno really. Seemed like the right idea. No guage needed anywhere apart from initial set up? How about AFR or a boost guage?

    Certainly either AFR or Boost guage will give more useful info whilst in use! A fuel pressure guage mounted after FPR can be useful initially but most will adjust so that floats don't leak without using a guage. Is this NA or Blown? If the latter, you will require a pump having potential for 120 - 125% minimum pressure to acommodate boost over base pressure don't forget!

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  9. All AC 1100 heads will fit / work with all 1100 bottom ends - even 1100 OC heads fit and can be made to work. EFE / 1150 heads generally liked for cleaner styling but no great performance gain. Lots of aftermarket cams available if performace required - std cams meh!

  10. Tests on NA ram pipes show that any radius more than 90 - 100 degrees perpendicular to airflow produces little increases. As regards pipe opening to internal plenum face - a minimum of 10mm is recommended - more is better and closer to the outlet wall is maybe best position. If you want steel ram pipes you could use Weber DCOE pipes 17mm is their shortest I think, and dia's of 40, 45, 48 & 50.:tu

  11. On 8/13/2023 at 6:44 AM, IhmeJanneFIN said:

    Found one pic, which I could crop so one of the reeds is visible. Cannot find better pics from my current phone, as have changed phone, so they are at the old phone and on my laptop.

    Ps. Plenum is made out of mild steel as I don't have ac/dc tig yet :$


    How does this work as physics says air inside the plenum and outside it will be at atmospheric pressure - vacuum / lower pressure only occurs engine side of throttle blades. In a two stroke, the whole of the crankcase is the vacuum chamber as piston rises causing the reeds to open and draw AF mixture in. I've seen 'Priority valves' like this but they were connected to engine side of carbs / TB's. :/

  12. 5 minutes ago, Jdeac said:

    I also just put 1mm for head gasket. As I can't seem to find specs for thicknesses 

    Won't be far off maybe a little less is possible, otherwise it looks like thats your CR - low - so off boost will be like a greyhound on Mogadon, but will probably take more boost than the turbo can make! Have you removed the detonation causing edges around the valve cut outs ?

  13. Isn't a 'std' 1100 head volume about 26/27cc? If so, it can't have been skimmed very much? I think the Dot 750 heads volume is around 23cc for comparison! What happens if the 0.74mm is omitted?

  14. When you've measured piston dome volume was that at max stroke? If so, i'd omit the 'deck clearance' figure as it would be included already in the dome volume? Sorry, thats my best guess but Bus pistons reknowned for dropping CR but that number does seem low!

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