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  1. I have 5° retarded on 10psi. It's very happy there.
  2. That spacer looks a bit thinner than a gsxr one. Don't know if the rack would be long enough for what I want to do.
  3. You are joking right? I'm sorry I'm not up to speed with all the dragbike history to date. I have a full machine shop at my disposal and it is a quite simple part to make. I just wanted to save myself some time and see if anyone had done. Thanks anyway mate.
  4. Thanks @Reinhoud I've never seen one so didn't think they were made by anyone..
  5. Quick shout out to the mod who moved this for me. thanks.
  6. Yes turbo. That's why the 1100 clutch cause the aluminum basket isnt up to the challenge.
  7. Well hallo, I have fitted an 1100 coil spring clutch to my 750 and have a cable clutch. Everything is going good but I'd like a lockup on it. Has anyone done a lockup with a cable from a 750 actuated on the clutch cover? I know I'll need a MTC spacer but it's the longer rack pin I'm not sure about.. Is there a longer one out of a different model or do I have to make one? Thanks.
  8. Late to the party but so be it. I'm sure I read on here about the combination of the short stroke 748 mixed with the long stroke 749 created a 883cc Ka#$&aki pistons may have been used ( I've been mia for a while, can we say other brand names?) I have the long stroke turboed on 10psi with -5° ignition timing by turning the plate too. Did you really advance your timing? There be some heat in there because of that. Any updates on the engine parts? I just picked up a 748 with the grand plan of putting it in the shed for years, forgetting about it, buying something else, then find it again and doing the 883 build
  9. Don't know, a mate gave me the pump. Mech pumps work so well..
  10. I have a CAD model off grabcad of a 1100 frame and engine and it looks bloody good I'll create a dxf off what's there if you still need it
  11. Carby man, Carby . I have a build thread in the members build section. The shitfighter
  12. Thanks Clive, it's a 250cc scooter oil pump that I machined a body for.
  13. I have all mine linked together and signal the bov ..
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