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  1. Orion

    Swing arms

    Hi I am now starting to put my 85 gsx750es on the road I would like to up date the back end would a sling shot go on my bike without any alteration or can you recommend and back ends for I don’t won’t to do to much alteration in case I want to put back to original state
  2. Orion


    Hi guys and girls I’m sorry I forgot about this post I’ve been ill for a long while and thanks for your help
  3. Orion


    Hi fellow bikers I need to change the forks on my gsx750es can you tell me what forks will fit my bike or what yokes will fit my bike
  4. Orion

    GSX 750es

    hi thanks for your help it’s very much appreciated there are two other points I need help on if you can are bandit forks better than gxr forks and the other things is what paint do I need to paint the engine or do I take it to a specialist
  5. Orion


    Thank you that isa help
  6. Orion


    Hi I’m about to start to rebuild my gsx Es there are a couple of things I need help with first is the 4pin connector to ignition switch one of the pins is broken is there a tool to remove and replace the pin second I would like to know what forks I should use the slab side with the gas pots or the slingshot forks and I’m not sure what swing arm to use any help would be great many thanks
  7. Orion


    Hi this is my first time on this forum I have a 1985gsx750es I would like to know what forks would fit this bike without to much alteration as every body keeps telling me the anti dive does not work and you cant get parts for it I’ve seen some forks with what looks like tiny gas cylinders any help would be great full
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