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  1. http://www.jtsprockets.com/catalogue/ I usually use this for cross reference
  2. I have a spacer as per this pic I don't exactly know what it is but came with the wheel which was off a bit of a bitza if it's not there the bolts will hit the arm. Maybe the PO made it for the same sort of reason. Is it a six bolt or five bolt hub that might narrow it down?
  3. No injuries all good was a bit of an awkward low speed highside. I have side stepped insurance before for the reasons above but just this one too much costs involved and damage to fairings etc relocation (it's 300Klm away and got towed 60klm) Was really wondering if insurance will baulk at the engine for some reason and if they do just replace the cover if there was anything of concern. Oh well see how it goes Cheers chaps
  4. Thanx for the replies guys sounds like it should be ok then see what the company man does
  5. Mk2 1200 bandit What's the thoughts/experience on this, will crank survive ?? It skid down the road @ 50kph It's gonna be an insurance job so I'm not going to be pulling it apart to find out
  6. There is no 320mm disk that will fit a bandit wheel your best option is to get the right wheel for the forks or do something like this (in reverse which is a shite load of work)
  7. According to parts list same starter fits just about all oilers 12600-48813
  8. The primary drive gear is different you need to match the gear to the crank. Although the gear can be changed with some degree of cutting and reriveting you would still need to find that particular gear
  9. 750 teapot on left 1052 on right Both 68 tooth sprockets
  10. I'm planning on replacing my 1052 starter clutch with a 89 "750" teapot one the part numbers line up and as far as I've got the center bolt fits but waiting on a puller to get them off The 750 one appears a bit lighter than the 1052 one and the cranks are the same (ish) in dimension I have both and from memory the gears counts are the same for the 750 / 1052 I can take some pic's after work if you like but 88 is a 600 ??? so don't know IDK check the parts fische for numbers I understood the 1052 and 750 were interchangeable from my research
  11. 95 teapot is based on the K model GSXR engine very different to the longstroke GXSr750 L just about everything is different The teapot motor went to longstroke 1998
  12. If your running a DOT head than you will lose compression even more by going to a 1100 head. The DOT head standard is @20cc the 1100 depending on type can be @26cc
  13. Yep could steel the Mrs ultrasonic cleaner she bought to clean her jewelery is there any special mix for these things?
  14. Hey fokes Got a set of 750 89 K forks to fit up for a post classic but the rebound screw adjusters are pretty jamed, one I can only get a half turn on. Is there any other compatible fork caps around that anyone knows of with preload and rebound screws? They only seem to have been used on 88 - 90 750's and look a bit rare Or any suggestions on freeing them up? With the o rings inside I imagine heating would not be a great option. Cheers
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