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  1. You gotta be happy with that. Your old man did a great job on that rear unit.
  2. God, that is bloody awesome - great work.
  3. Thanks to you both. I asked the seller to check before I inspected and it turns out you were both right. No need for me to inspect any more.
  4. G'day Guys Can you please help me ID what this is? Advertised as a GSX1150 EF here in Australia, but I'm not so sure. It appears to have full floater rear suspension, but front end doesn't look right. Anti-dive looks like earlier model and the fairing/wheels don't look the part either. Opinions most welcome. Thanks
  5. I was thinking the same thing. The whole system also looks like this thing.
  6. Not sure if you've read this, but some great info here and enough to make me steer clear of the cheap stuff: Roadstercycle
  7. Yes, you're probably right, coupled with the observation that 1150 blocks are as rare as here. So do the 1260 kits tend to make the set-up unreliable because of the oversized sleeves?
  8. Righto, you've got me thinking now - bore and resleeve the stock block or bore a GSX1150 block (if I can find one - they seem to be rare in Aus)?
  9. G'day Ibbo, yes my very limited understanding is that the 1135 block would be a better option, but I'm running out of money ! Sleeves, pistons, carbs all from the US (Aussie prices are expensive), plus cost of machining etc. I'd love to get the 1135 block, but will try to make do with what I have at present.
  10. Sorry, should have been clearer - I was thinking of putting in new Mikuni RS carbs with trumpets and Ramair filters.
  11. I've got a Katana 1074 cc engine and was thinking of going down the 1260 cc route with bigger sleeves in the stock block.
  12. Great info and nice to hear from the voices of experience. Thanks muchly.
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