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  1. sadlay i don´t maybe someone on here got one ? i´ll ask in the koc if you want to greetings rené
  2. no differences known except the bottom middle motormounts (different position) in germany there is a paper from suzuki that the frame is the same and that it is allowed to mount a 1100 motor in the 750 frame
  3. all german bikes got that problem as well .. you get used to it if not , do as baldrick says : relocate the position of the spring "holder" on the frame
  4. i really really like that a lot !!! is there something wrong with me ? a forget it , don´t answer me ...................
  5. its like schrödingers gearbox if you never open the box it could be right and not right
  6. i`m looking forward to see that live next week
  7. thats why i have 5 kats another idea , another kat ............... now i got a resin corse full fairing and no kat for it .....
  8. no , just rare because only available in japan
  9. mmmhhh a rare s2 version but yeah me like them tuned versions too !!! sooooo..............get another one and keep that one original and welcome
  10. same cap , but they are normally black
  11. as far as i remember they got the same size (4.5) , so a 160 on the bandit wheel is fine
  12. http://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/category/modifications/page/2
  13. better than the other way round
  14. Thats the plan recently bought this :
  15. 4 in 2 in 1 with a flat collector which go along with the bandit sump ( for ground clearance ) and handmade from a friend and a marving mot (legal) pipe , and the rest of the time with the marving race
  16. No its a 1100 , but the engine is in the middle and a little more lean forward as usual
  17. Had the first ride out this year changed the clip ons to a streetbar because my wrists are killing me .... much better now
  18. http://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/category/tuning/oil-cooled-tunning scroll down
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