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  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of rumpy pumpy with a fat lass.... old Yorkshire saying
  2. Roger rarely does full engines these days.. but you could ask
  3. Ken Cooper or Chris Tombleson at Grumpy 1260
  4. nothing according to that list.. anything can be made to fit with hanger adapters
  5. http://oldskoolsuzuki.info/?s=caliper+swap
  6. Then he could have said "fuck y'awl" like I do lol Nice Ice cream van with the raspberry ripple seat... has it got a flake on top?? YJ
  7. I have some old 29s in a box that I was gonna sling as the pilots are snapped off in at least one and I CBA drilling them out.. yours for post
  8. and a Delkevic which is NOT a great fit and the tubes are skinny for a GS1000... cheap though
  9. I have a GPwerks one like this
  10. USDs were introduced to lessen flex but to be honest both types work. Just get them sprung and set up well and either will do. For me and it's just a personal thing ...I like RWU forks because (even though I have all the tools for doing both) they are easier to replace fork seals quickly, in situ if need be.
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