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  1. Guess im shit out of luck...lol
  2. Did interrogate the shop this morning, compression test and leak down was done, one cyclinder was low and the smoke was thick blue..sooo i suppose it can only be one thing
  3. Ive got PDQ's not far from me so ill give em a bell and ask their advice and see if they will look at it, plus found a company who ultrasound cleanns carbs aswell so again will call and check price etc
  4. Bike comes back tomorrow with the bill so no definitive amount but dare I say it about 350...eeekkk!...
  5. When id got it running, cylinder 1 wasnt getting hot, it was also pissing fuel out the hose, so taking it to the shop, they originally said it was a carb issue, so new kits on all the carbs etc but after faffing with it they have now changed it to knackered rings. Prior to it coming off the road it was running fine, just smelt a little lean, but now smokes like a coal fire and wont run above 3k, to me it still sounds carb related but im not technically savvy enough to disagree with the shop, which i find highly irritating.
  6. Yes it does smoke like that but gets worse as the engine gets warm....the shop said it filled the plsce with exhaust fumes when running
  7. Cheers,ill have a hunt round for someone. Still may go big bore kit anyway
  8. Thanks buddy Whats the best way to clean the carbs properly, I would have thought the shop would have done it....mmmmm How would the issue cause such heavy smoking? Im based in Surrey? Thanks again
  9. The bike has been standing for a while 18 months or so, but when i was riding it, it always seemed a little smoky but i thought it was a mixture issue. So when i got round to getting it back road worthy i had the shop play around with the carbs as they seemed to think it was a fuel issue, they got it working but now it smokes heavily as the engine warms up also wont rev above 3k. So now its a toss up about what to do. Milage is about 22k and yes it was running ok prior to these issues.
  10. Fuuuuuckkk.....the bike shop has told me my engine is fooked... Its a Mk1 1200 bandit The damn thing is smoking good and proper so ive decided that if it needs to be rebuilt I may as well go big bore and get it done and out the way. So Im after advice as to what to do and any recommendations on who could do the work? Was thinking just a Wisco 1216 kit and gas flowed head Is it worth doing anything to the gearbox? It will be stage 3 and dyno'd after. Any advice is welcomed/pros/cons And anyone with a mk1 1200 bandit engine already done for sale? ROFL!!
  11. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks Tried to get a vacuum tube cover off my 99 1200 bandit today and the poxy pipe came with it...double bollocks. Looking at a new one and well fooking hell they are expensive. Does anyone know if there are other bikes out there with the same covers that will fit? Cheers
  12. Im swapping out ny exhaust for a full bore system as part of the upgrade, Im going for stage 3 with K & N oval filters, this is all as a start, I was just curious about the carbs as I was thinking of swapping the originals out before I get it tuned to skip doing it later. What cams for the '12 will be the most suitable? Is it better to change both or just one? Cheers
  13. Hi Guys Heres my second post/question. I have a '99 1200 Bandit, its turned into a bit of project and want to squeeze as much torque/bhp out of her before going down the big bore route. ATM I have the standard carbs and going to tune it with a stage 3 kit and assorted bits that go with it. I have heard that I should consider Flat slides over the standard but not sure as the pros and cons between the two. Can someone elaborate and if the flatslides are the way to go which one would you recommend, I was looking at 38mm flats, but how do I know what brand and where to go for them. Thanks in advance
  14. The frame has been cut to shit so nothing will come for that, the engine is a 750 slabbie but it was running although covered in bad blue paint...not sure what the carbs are as yet but any cash is good cash for a project
  15. Yeah Im going to be using the front end, hoping for the rear end hence this thread, see what i can sell the rest for if at all..rofl
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