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  1. bandit750

    Harris Magnum 4 Tribute

    Credit due. You did your mate proud, the bike proud and the forum proud, very much in that order. People like you should get much more recognition.
  2. bandit750

    B12 lower leg bushes

    Not sure but just reverse the process that got you to this point, if they came out they'll go back in the same way.
  3. bandit750

    Newbie gs650 owner

    Form another newbie, welcome. Nice bike, love that GS/X motor layout, had many in bits and some that even made it back together! Easy to work on and over-engineered so pretty bulletproof.
  4. bandit750

    Harris mag3 homebrew project

    Proper blind mans blast cab so you could be right.
  5. bandit750


    Nice early GS. Anyone else miss a kickstart?
  6. bandit750

    '91 750m carbs

    Your caravan is running 38s' Impressive spec.
  7. bandit750

    Magni bandit

    4LS brake? That's taking authenticity to a dangerous level.
  8. bandit750

    750 liners in B6 block?

    I have the carbs but sadly no rubbers. Is this the head with the downdraught carbs which need a bit of work on the fuel tap?
  9. bandit750

    the emperors new clothes

    The pinstripe detail really makes it work Baldrick, a cunning plan indeed!
  10. bandit750

    Seen this Harris today.

    Nice looking Slippert Sam behind it, I know this is a Suzuki specific site but was it as nice as it looks? Harris is really nice, shame it's a conservatory model!
  11. bandit750

    750 liners in B6 block?

    I thought that would be the answer! Anybody know about GSXRSam? Or someone else who has drawings and means of producing the caliper adapters? I can't find any on Eblag or anywhere except in the states.
  12. bandit750

    750 liners in B6 block?

    Hi Suzuki gurus, I know it's my first post but I really can't find a simple yes/no answer to my question anywhere else. I have a GSX750 teapot motor and a B6 motor, are the liners swappable? I wouldn't dare suggest that I'd like to keep the "599cc" stamp rather than the "749cc" stamp, not for insurance purposes but for street sleeper purposes. Or i'm being a knob and should just swap the lot over (I take it they do swap like for like?). Thanks in advance and hope i can look forward to many hours of mindless fun on this site. Bike is a B6 with GSXR750WP front end, brand new Nissin 4 pots (after a near lethal problem with a pair or Eblag specials!) squeezed by a Nissin radial master cylinder from a 2007 GSXR1000. As well as the 750 conversion I have a B12 swingarm that needs to go in but running the B6 wheel as I like the handling and don't want to slow it down with a 180 B12 wheel (I have one if you guys deem it essential). I'll get a pic of the beast up as soon as. Cheers again. PS, is GSXRSam still in business, reading through the threads he seems to have, or can make, radial caliper adaptors. I have a brand new pair of radial calipers I'd like to fit if I can get adaptors.