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  1. I have recently bought a crank driven pump from a place called top bike in Poland, looks decent but haven't used it yet to test it
  2. In fact I will just make these fit like you guys say. Fair play
  3. I want to keep the oil ways the same size as oem
  4. Update to this- I have fitted these to a 750 motor that I have and looks to be a decent fit, they don’t fit the 1100. The oil ways seem more suited as they appear smaller on the 750 I will sell this now as it won’t fit my 1100
  5. Thanks for that, Do you think that I will be ok using these with the smaller oil ways? my bike is turbo so I just need to make sure that I am going to be ok using it.
  6. That oil hose kit looks a nice set up, which one is that?
  7. Just noticed that you said you not sure about the bore size sorry
  8. yes the fixings are all loose and when the bottom is tightened to the casing there is no way for the shorter one to reach the right port. What is your views on the size of the oil ways compared to stock ones?
  9. Hello all, Wondering if someone can help me here, I bought these second hand earls oil lines from the online auction site sometime last year and came to fit them today, When purchased they were listed for the 1200 bandit and gsxr 1100. I have an 1052 slabby. So when I attempted to fit them the right hose is approx an inch too short and the left has approx an inch too much- (I did swap them the other way round to check and there way off like that). Also note the size of the oil feed ports, they are smaller than the original size. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Thanks Bobby
  10. Thats awesome nice work. My 1100 slabbie turbo build will be done next year now but after will be this 750 frame slabbie
  11. Wicked stuff, What rear shock are you using?
  12. Awesome, how does it ride? what year motor is it? do they all fit?
  13. Cool thanks, Can anyone tell me from experience how the 750 feels with a 11/12 lump in? obviously heavier but any other things to note?
  14. Hi all, I have acquired a 750 slabside with a 750 motor, Now I am thinking of either using the 750 motor or potentially putting a 1200 bandit lump in. What's peoples thoughts, does the bandit 1200 motor go in easy with the frame not being able to detach at the RH lower part or are their any alternatives. thank you in advance
  15. cool i though so. thank you for the info
  16. On a forced induction motor whats the benefits of having billet diaphragm covers if any? cheers folks
  17. Anyone ever replaced them? cheers guys
  18. Just remembered about this post I started. Anyway yes its possible, in fact I've got a 6.5 inch dymag wheel on a 200/55 tyre. Ive not measured nor machine the front sprocket yet but I'm sure I am cooking on gas. I am running a 520 race chain anyway which will be needed.
  19. Morning guys, Does anyone know if another longer side stand fits on the slabbie? I now need a longer one due to wheel, Tyre, and shock and wondering what you guys may have done to solve the problem. I I am guessing the obvious solution is too extend the original but if there is another option it would be good to hear it. Thank you everyone. Bobby
  20. Brilliant thank you, will do that. Cheers
  21. Can you tell me about the fittings, I don’t know much about them to be honest
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