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  1. cool i though so. thank you for the info
  2. On a forced induction motor whats the benefits of having billet diaphragm covers if any? cheers folks
  3. Anyone ever replaced them? cheers guys
  4. Just remembered about this post I started. Anyway yes its possible, in fact I've got a 6.5 inch dymag wheel on a 200/55 tyre. Ive not measured nor machine the front sprocket yet but I'm sure I am cooking on gas. I am running a 520 race chain anyway which will be needed.
  5. Morning guys, Does anyone know if another longer side stand fits on the slabbie? I now need a longer one due to wheel, Tyre, and shock and wondering what you guys may have done to solve the problem. I I am guessing the obvious solution is too extend the original but if there is another option it would be good to hear it. Thank you everyone. Bobby
  6. Brilliant thank you, will do that. Cheers
  7. Can you tell me about the fittings, I don’t know much about them to be honest
  8. https://www.Eblag.co.uk/itm/223919343753 would this be alright, I don’t understand the fitting sizes etc
  9. It’s going on a 1052 GSXR motor, I’m looking to position it under the headlights so it has good air flow. So the dash 10 5/8 are the ones to go for? What row would you recommend?
  10. Hi guys, quick one, looking to replace my oil cooler for an aftermarket one, my bike will be turbo so wanting to get one which will be right for the engine. Any suggestions into brand and or size? many thanks in advance. bobby
  11. https://www.moorespeedracing.co.uk/motorbike-headlights/bates-headlights-with-clamps-black-pair.html Most likely I will be going to go for these
  12. ha ha brilliant way of putting the fit! yes indeed the safest bet would be to buy complete headlights! So bates are 5"? I would prefer to get a good pair of genuine bates to be honest if I am going down the complete unit route.
  13. https://www.Eblag.co.uk/itm/231006345216 Might not be the ones I actually buy, but here as an example
  14. Like you say you can actually buy Just the shell casings universal to fit an existing headlight unit. Going to try that route, would really like to use the original headlights as they have a flat glass etc
  15. Fair do’s, I will just buy a new, be easier that way
  16. Cool thanks. So it’s a 4” bates headlight shell? The original glass and housing fit straight in without any issues?
  17. Ok brilliant thanks mate
  18. Hi all, hope your all keeping will amid these times. so my post is regarding twin headlights, does anyone know of a set of aftermarket twin round GSXR slabby sized headlights? I’m building my streetfighter and plan is to make a bracket to fix the 2 original headlights together and still use them to keep them original still. I’ve started and it’s possible but a pain and might not look right especially being able to see the back of them. Are there anyway available in a very similar overall look? cheers bobby
  19. Hello all, hope everyone is keeping well. can anyone shed any light on this, I brought this a good year or more ago, it’s a tank for my 1100 86 GSXR, was from legend motorcycles, anyhow I was told it was a racing tank and was off custom fighter. It’s definitely not genuine as the top is flat and no vent pipe from the top. Also it’s really light. See the pictures, how it fixes to the frame isn’t usual. Anyone seen this before? I’m guessing the fixing point has been altered or was made this way for a custom. see what you think
  20. Thanks for that, could you ping them in a email please it’s bobbyradwan@hotmail.co.uk Thank you
  21. Hi all, Just finishing putting my motor back together and not quite sure about the timing marks, in particular the bottom ignition pickup. my haynes manual doesn't make it clear where exactly it needs to be? I have searched but can't get an accurate answer. It needs to be right first time obviously hence me asking for help. Cheers bobby
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