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  1. An average/generic kill time for quick shifters are .65 seconds, this can normally be adjusted to suit your riding style. The quickshifter that I have on my 250 shortens the kill time as the RPM's increase. GP2 guys have been using these on carb 2 strokes for years now.
  2. that's just spun my head right out... the sites auto correct for writing the bike manufactures name that begins with a H
  3. You can put a quick shifter on almost anything, I have installed one on my 250 2 stroke amongst overs, the module will just cut the ignition to take the load off the gearbox to allow for the next gear to be selected. pretty much universal even carburettor bikes with old style HT coils ignition systems it will work just the same as EFI bikes with ECU'S . You could fit one to an C90 if you wish. haha
  4. worth asking as for all we know it could of been something they have done on the rebuild, there's so many things it can be really. but for me I would say loose cam chain as you say the noise/rattling is approx 2-3k revs.. typical for a chain. to rule out big ends stick it in first and try pull off gently with the brake on to put load on the motor, this then will make the big ends knock if there is excessive moment there .
  5. was the noise there before the new chain or did he have the chain fitted as he thought this was the cause?
  6. I have recently bought a crank driven pump from a place called top bike in Poland, looks decent but haven't used it yet to test it
  7. In fact I will just make these fit like you guys say. Fair play
  8. I want to keep the oil ways the same size as oem
  9. Update to this- I have fitted these to a 750 motor that I have and looks to be a decent fit, they don’t fit the 1100. The oil ways seem more suited as they appear smaller on the 750 I will sell this now as it won’t fit my 1100
  10. Thanks for that, Do you think that I will be ok using these with the smaller oil ways? my bike is turbo so I just need to make sure that I am going to be ok using it.
  11. That oil hose kit looks a nice set up, which one is that?
  12. Just noticed that you said you not sure about the bore size sorry
  13. yes the fixings are all loose and when the bottom is tightened to the casing there is no way for the shorter one to reach the right port. What is your views on the size of the oil ways compared to stock ones?
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