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  1. Anyone know if or anyone make copy’s or new control switches for the GSXR 1100 slabside?
  2. I’ll have a look but I’m sure it hasn’t got threads for bobbins on the swingarm! Will check
  3. Yes the chassis / frame number. Is there a chart to identify it from anywhere?
  4. Yes it does have a fuel gauge. Seems to be pointing towards a jap import I think
  5. Hello all recently picked up this 87 GSXR 750 and just wondering what country it was originally from as it’s an import, it’s been in the uk since 1991. here are some photos of which I think might hopefully give a clue, there is a steering lock at the lower steering clamp. Japanese writing on one of the warning lights, few Japanese markings here and there. Not sure about the brass plate, someone may have done that themselves? what do you guys think?
  6. Exactly the sort of thing i have been thinking today, to be honest I am just going to refit them, they were like the before wit no issues so they can go again.. pressured oil separates the 2 parts so hopefully should be ok
  7. No idea on why mine are M6, even the fixings are/look OEM, mystery
  8. so this is what I was referring to in regards to the hole I accidentally made on one of the clamps (first picture) so I continued to remove them to find another with a hole in it ( second picture) this one I have not touched so weird how this has one- can anyone shed any light on this?
  9. Some have a bit of light scoring on them, one is worse than the rest. one is totally scrap though, my fault, my originals have an M6 thread for the cam cover fixings and I drilled them to tap to an M7, when drilling it pulled the existing thread out making a hole underneath on the cam shaft side.. what an idiot
  10. I am not sure be honest.. hope not
  11. Hello all, say what now!? 1052 motor, I am wanting to replace the camshaft bridge clamps on my motor, does anyone know if these are the same across different oil cooled motors? and if they are still available new (cant imagine a set being cheap if so). Also ideally the 7mm threads for the cylinder head cover as I have just brought some APE head cover bolts and they are 7x1.00 thread size best regards bobby
  12. An average/generic kill time for quick shifters are .65 seconds, this can normally be adjusted to suit your riding style. The quickshifter that I have on my 250 shortens the kill time as the RPM's increase. GP2 guys have been using these on carb 2 strokes for years now.
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