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  1. While were on the subject Is there much difference - which one is the better motor if any? For future reference
  2. thank you gents thats answered that. learn something new every day.
  3. Seen this on the world famous online market place and it ended the other day, I didn’t end up winning it anyhow I noticed that it has a cable operating clutch- never seen this before on a slab side so curious to be honest as I did actually try and win the bike The bike in question is listed as a 1987 750 Any thoughts?
  4. fair play thats about as much as i need to know thank you for everyones response
  5. This might sound a stupid question but can you transfer a private registration onto a Q registered machine or not do you know?
  6. Ahh ok thanks, so it could be a bit tricky then... don't like the sound of having a Q plate
  7. Just a question hopefully someone can answer If you had a Spondon frame that's not got a number plate assigned to it and the donor bike that the frame was built for how do you go about registering the frame to the donor bikes number plate? is this possible as the original frame is essentially what the number plate links to, I am sure I have seen spondon framed bikes with normal age related plate and not Q registered thanks in advance
  8. Anyone know if or anyone make copy’s or new control switches for the GSXR 1100 slabside?
  9. I’ll have a look but I’m sure it hasn’t got threads for bobbins on the swingarm! Will check
  10. Yes the chassis / frame number. Is there a chart to identify it from anywhere?
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