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  1. Thanks Wraith, that is exactly the information I was looking for.
  2. I thought I had read some info here or elsewhere about using a later model B12 loom in place of an old tired original one from a R750M. Is this correct, and if so, which model would be most useful/easiest to adapt? The one I have has several amateur attempts at either repair or modification that can be corrected, so I'm not starting entirely from scratch.
  3. 2scars


    Nevermind, looks like a 1995 GSXR750w that is stretched 6 inches.
  4. 2scars


    This is attached to a non OSS I understand, but trying to identify in order to either purchase or make a chain run guide. I thought late 90s gsxr, it was on the 91 I bought to restore. thanks gents…
  5. Actually no, the r750 has slightly taller gear that the Teapot or B6. GSXR750 1st 2.77 / 2nd 2.25 / 3rd 1.65 / 4th 1.40 / 5th 1.23 / 6th 1.09:1 Teapot/B6 1st: 3.083 / 2nd: 20.62 / 3rd: 1.647 / 4th: 1.400 / 5th: 1.227 / 6th: 1.095
  6. So then the teapot and B6 should drop straight in, with no mods. And the transmission gearing is the same across all the 6 speed gear boxes?
  7. As I seem to have a possibly knackered transmission in my powerscreen motor, and several 6 speed gearboxes to choose from. Are there any differences between the B6, Teapot 750, and R750M transmissions that would have a benefit over the others? Perhaps one may not need to be "drilled"? And if they all need to have the shaft drilled for the push rod, which shaft is it that needs this? This project will be down the road, but if I can start familiarizing myself with the requirements now that would be helpful. Again, thank you.
  8. 2scars

    Float height

    And I see why, never had a bike with an air box, these things are a real pleasure to shoehorn in to place.
  9. 2scars

    Float height

    So is this success or impatience? How long do you leave the fuel bunged in before thinking the floats are good?
  10. 2scars

    Float height

    One more for this carb thread, the carbs I have also have UK spec jet needles in them. Which position would be a good starting point in a stock arrangement? I think it must have had a treatment similar to, or in fact from, Factory Pro. I took out 147.5 main jets and the needles were at the second slot from the top. I put in US spec 127.5 mains and left the needles on the second clip position from the top. Thanks, I'm clearly new to these 'Zukis.
  11. 2scars

    Float height

    Yeah, that is what I was was getting wrong. That and trying to do it in the kitchen while I have a sick kid in the house. Wrapped my mind around it again out in the shed while my daughter was eating lunch and presto. Thanks for helping me reseat my brain gents!!
  12. 2scars

    Float height

    I have, in both directions to see if I was doing it wrong. There doesn't seem to be enough adjustment in them. After reading how to do it, it seemed pretty straight forward. They are the same ones that were in there. I checked them against another set of needle and seats that I have from a second set of carbs laying around.
  13. 2scars

    Float height

    So I am coming to that stage with these BST38s. When I went to get everything reinstalled, it's like the float needles are too short or something. I can’t get the floats to do anything but bottom out. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong? I replaced everything with the Litetek kit.
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