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  1. Suzuki iRf 900 tap can be made fit, saw this on a post somewhere. It has an off position on it too.
  2. There is a lad in Ireland that will make u a new bum stop, have a look at....https://www.facebook.com/fiberglassmodifications/
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    Thanks, b12 motor robbo..
  4. Thanks everyone, i will have another look at them..
  5. Hi, anyone put an inline fuel tap onto a 1991 gsxr 1100 m tank. Only just got an 11/12, not happy with no off switch on the tank for petrol. Thanks for any info. Etc.
  6. Hi, can someone help me please.i bought a set of cams a few years ago and trying to figure out which model of gsxr they are for,The have ex 27 a j ,on one cam and r2 on the other......Fingers crossed they are gsxr 1100 k
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    Just read the rules, thanks for the heads up Fazz711
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    Hi everyone, new to this site, From Co Clare in Ireland i just recently bought a gsxr 750 1989 with a mk1 bandit engine...........Looking forward to modding the shit out of it.lol
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