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  1. Thanks for the reply! It was as I expected. I see wisdom in Wraiths words in oil cooled ways, but I think I’m going the hard way anyway! Besides my oilboilers are needed in other projects… So I will make it fit.
  2. Sorry if it has been asked before, but couldnt find an answer. I have spare 1100 et engine, and was offered 750 ef frame. So will it fit, and if not, is it worth making it fit?
  3. I´m building my 1100E with 1127 motor, and I need an exhaust headers. I like the look of modern exhaust 1000 and 750, but how will they fit? I know they can be made to fit, and it´s been shown here allso, but cant find any. How big of a job is it? Allso will busa headers fit? Cant seem to find exhaust pipe spacings anywhere. I could have nice yoshi stainless headers meant for K4, witch would be cool, but the fitment...
  4. Thanks!!! I´m sure I will manage with these. Very helpful indeed!
  5. Thanks! Great work and workplace no class! Dont know how I missed your topic at projects. Remember when you started it though. Admired that frame repair of yours. I know that many things I have been wondering about have answers here, but its sometimes hard to find because sheer volume of info. I have been acquiring tools to my shed, so this kind of tinkering is easier. Everything is expensive here in Finland. It really helped when I got my lathe. I really should get gas for my MiG welder. I hate that fluxwire.
  6. Thanks! Will be checking those also! I was actually thinking about widening the frame, but decided against it. Thought it would be too much of a hassle. I will probably be using original footrest hangers so the notched frame will not be so visible on mine. Like to keep standardish looks apart from more modern suspension and wheels. I have also shortened the seat and subframe for 40 mm. Thats why the seat looks so awkward at the moment. Yammy swinger is also a bit longer so it will make the rear look even shorter.
  7. no class, what did you do? Did you widen the frame? I was thinking about shaving some meat off the inner part of the tubes and welding them shut. Another question pops up. Does the oilboiler engine have the front sprocket further out than aircooled, thus not having a need for as much offset on the sprocket?
  8. Thanks! Those will be helpful. Will be looking E.Ts thread. Been thinking of posting on projects also. I think it would be helpful for me as well in some ways with the build. I just keep forgetting to take pics and my shed is in abysmal state all the time. Love tinkering with these old girls though!
  9. Sorry. Introduced myself while back on other topic. Havent been commenting much, but as I said in my first post in this new site, I went with a different nick at the old site "SunGod". Been here for years. And yes I know that Frankensteins page has the templates, but the only printable templates I found were for EFE frame. So, I know everyone loves piccies. This is what I ended up with when hastily stitching her back together last August after my slabby cafe racer lost compression. Built the cafe for my wife, but ended up giving it to my dad instead. Not going back to that cafe road again tough. Problem of my ET was the carbs, they were shite, so used my slabby flatslides, then it lost spark. Then struck Finnish winter. Then work, work, work and more work so no time in the shed. I finally got time to try and find the spark. Found myself changing swinger and mono shocking her. After bit of a fight I got the swinger and K1 1000 rear wheel lined up. Already knew that chain run would be a problem and remembered reading about it with pics from the old site. so came here to ask help. Its not going to be a problem, but thought that somebody has already done it, so it would be easier, not to invent wheel again. Then pulled the engine of the frame to fab some bracing and make shock mounts, I thought of the missing spark and carbs. Then thought of using my 1127 engine, witch is ported, has yoshi cams and recently tuned carbs. Again why not ask if someone has printable templates, and if someone has, they most likely are here. This is where I´m at at the moment.
  10. So it got out of hand, again. I was hunting down lost spark on my 1100 ET and got an idea of monoshocking it. Had ´02 R1 swinger lying around with shock and linkage. Modified it to fit in the frame. Had to take the engine off the frame, to brace the frame and got another idea. I´ll use my mildly tuned 1127R engine. So here are the questions. First, does anyone have photos from et frame that has been modofied to take 6" wheel? Meaning the part where to make room for the chainrun. I have recollectin of mr. Strangeways doing it in the old site. Second. Does anyone have printable templates for engine mounts? Cant find them. Would be much appriciated.
  11. Thanks! Forgot to mention that I'm using pod filters and the carbs are from 750R. Exhaust is open with Leo Vince 1100R headers and Ixil slip on can.
  12. So, my '87 slabby lost compression on no. 4 cylinder, and it was the only bike of four, that was working. Need to have a bike to ride on, so easiest of the nonrunners, to fix is my 1100 ET. Money doesnt grow on trees, and I have shed full of old suzi parts. Decided to put my slabby flatslides to 1100 ET. I know its been done before, but can anyone point me to right direction with the jetting?
  13. All in good time! It is in such a sorry state right now that pics will be coming later. But its going to have R1 rear wheel and swinger with monoshock, modern front end, braced frame ect.. but still keeping original(ish) posture. Big plans for it! First need to sort out the 1127. K1 swinger and wheel, ohlins shock, heavily modified Ducati 999 rear fairing. Head is ported and it has yoshi cams. 142hp from rear wheel. Had it in the slabby and it was great. Wife will have to do with 750 tough... I have old Norton project also, but it is for some other forum and time. Have to concentrate to one bike at a time. Cant afford to buy shiney parts for all at once. Thanks for the warm welcome! Since the old site went down I felt that something essential was missing in the universe, but I,m so glad that cosmic powers have restored the balance!
  14. Hello all. I was member in the old site and went by the name SunGod, and now I,m back here. Been busy with my house renovation for few years, but now I return to tinkering with these awesome old moneydrains. Here is a pic of my old slabby I built for my wife, from parts I had laying in the garage. Promised her a bike 10 years ago. Better late than never, i guess. Now I can concentrate on my 1127 build, and after that my old 1100E.
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