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  1. Thats the other thing they said, those fork springs and slightly thicker oil
  2. It has been recommended to fit I think it was 9.0n/mm Springs in the 600 forks. Perhaps thats the way will go and see how good they are . Brooke suspension said above that rate they need revalving for the dampning to handle the spring rate over 9.0n/mm Thanks for all your help and information
  3. Cheers for that.Also is it a swap worth doing or are 600 forks as good as 750 just a different way up ?
  4. need to sort front forks and was wondering are 750 srad upside down forks alot better than the standard 600 srad 1998 ones? I`m a tad heavy for springs in my 600 (16 st) and was just wondering if upgrade forks and change 750 springs was better upgrade. Rather than fitting heavier springs to the 600`s ? I`d like to keep brakes etc as just done new pistons and seals and adelin mastercylinder about year ago. As far as know only have to get new yokes and the forks and 750 should fit with bits I have. Could be wrong though, not unheard of Anyone done the swap ? Got any pics ?
  5. Looks like swap could be easy. be interesting to see how easy it works out. Good thing about OSS alot of knowledge on forums. Look forward to seeing bike when it`s done
  6. Have to say one of best Katana`s I`ve seen. Loads top end components that don`t detract from style of the beastie. The journey to work everyday would take ages
  7. can`t wait to se this finished. Is that a CBR 600 r fairing I see attached to the front ?
  8. Does anyone know ig Strangewayze (?) finished his GS 1000 turbo bike? Not heard or seen much about it and it`s an incredible bike with all the engineering gone into it. Especially the work on the frame fitting the wide rear end from TL1000
  9. It could be the other two wires might be coming from after market reg rec. I had a Gurls blouse CB250n one on my GS 1000 and if remember correctly it had two wires from it going to plus and minus on battery and the other ones to alternator. So worth checking if it is after market one or is it another reg rec from another bike . Others might know and how it is wired. The Gurls blouse ones on GS were much better quality than Suzie ones
  10. Saw this on Pinterest the other day and have too say it was one of best built Katanas I`ve seen. One of the bikes I would have loved to owned and ridden. As the saying goes `Where is it now ? Is it still going or has it gone ?
  11. Good to see a stroker being put back together. Intrigued by the bike bench. Did you make it yourself or buy it ? How high does it lift the bike and how did you get bike up there ? Want to build something for my project as back is complaining about all getting in and around bike. i like the fact thats it`s made of wood and looks well made
  12. Is that F1 frame with twin shock conversion or just earlier one ? Did it come before the later mono shock one or adapted ?
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