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  1. Fired it up and it’s not running good. I have fitted a air corrector kit from grumpy. When I give it a rev it misses and flames out pipe. Should I move the neadles up a bit? Can you get a dyno jet kit for the cv carbs?
  2. Well it didn’t go brilliant. I started it up then fuel started pouring out the overflow and air filters. I took the tank off and the tap is pouring out fuel in all 3 positions
  3. Tank on with fuel ready to see if it runs........
  4. Mirrors are oberon. The screen is just a old one at the moment I have a new one but going to cut it about a bit first
  5. Paint work is finished getting there now.
  6. Yes it was very metallic. Can’t help with the paint code though sorry. house of colour do one very similar. If that helps you
  7. Just need to Fit the decals then it’s some coats of lacquer.....
  8. Has anyone got pics of there Dyna coils fitted to katana? My bike has been apart so long I can’t remember how they was fitted. Thanks
  9. thanks let me know how it goes. When you have tried it.
  10. No didn’t get any replies on that. How much have you lifted needles?
  11. Getting very close now I am just about to fit the coils. Does anyone have any pics off Dyna coils fitted as I can’t remember what way the wires go ect it’s been so long since I stripped the bike.
  12. Might leave it this colour it kinda suits it
  13. Made a bit more progress, wheels are painted and have new tires, engine is fully bolted in, speedo bracket made, chain jockey wheel done, body work prepped and primer. Front mudguard cut down and painted. Next on the list is the wiring loom and battery tray.
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