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  1. Right folks I need the experts, my carbs were fully rebuilt by myself and all genuine parts, jets,needles,gaskets,seals the full monty here are the concernsHave I got the right carbs ?When I first fired her up she ticked over low and not too bad, I then put the clocks on her and she started to Rev at 3 to 4 k on her own ?, are some butterflies stuck open ?, even with idle screw turned off she revs highAll standard airbox, filter, rubbers plugs,leads, everything genuine Suzuki and new,float heights perfect, main and pilot newI ultrasonic cleaned the carbs myself have a look at pictures, one of
  2. SORTED FOLKS, First i cleaned the tank, then used a 2 pack epoxy resin on the outside of tank, let the resin set for a day, bought a tank lining kit 100 euro 3 part bottle A was for cleaning,etching and removing rust,left it in the tank 24hrs emptied out bottle A and the tank was spotless and didnt leak thru resin i had done, bottle B was to remove any residue from the tank after bottle A Bottle C was the the last thing to do, poured in all of it swirled it around for couple of minutes repeated this every 8 to 10 mins for an hour so the tank wa
  3. cant drill out mate its sitting against the tank the only option i have is to fill the hole and seal the tank with thick tank sealer
  4. folks i made a 1.5mm dia hole with a tapered tap in the lower side of the fuel tank, you can see by the picture, its on my freshly painted efe ,(jack ass) iss my name for the moment lol Anyways i was thinking of gett an epoxy resin to fill the hole and then i was going to line the tank the hole is about 1.5mm dia,but issue is that the outside plate is tapped to allow the strap to be bolted to the tank so room is tight , might be able to get a 3mm bar and put a resion on the end of it and see can i fill the hole, then i was going to seal the tank with a good sealer what are your tho
  5. Bought a black chrome 4 into 1 off marving it’s as close to original I can get, has anyone got an original ?
  6. Just about finished folks all decals airbrushed no stickers, just waiting on exhaust for her well happy with results
  7. well folks the slingshot nearly there full air brush on the paint just waiting on clearcoat now and them few small jobs and we are on the road
  8. see them now, i will flog them on so, pity as they are brand new original system
  9. folks i have decided to fit the new original system exhaust to my 82 katana 1100 , can some one help with the bracket location as in pictures, i dont know what they fix too
  10. got it sorted folks have a friend with a 3d printer its just the 2 big ones im missing he is going to sort it today for me
  11. folks would any of ye know the size of the tabs on the side panels for my 86 efe, i can get a fella to 3d print for both side panels as mine are missing and broke, i have abs plastic i can form them. just need someone to measure diameter of them and the length and the size of the top thanks again
  12. got the codes lads off priory suzuki in dublin ireland, a fella by the name of Anto great help
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