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  1. see them now, i will flog them on so, pity as they are brand new original system
  2. folks i have decided to fit the new original system exhaust to my 82 katana 1100 , can some one help with the bracket location as in pictures, i dont know what they fix too
  3. got it sorted folks have a friend with a 3d printer its just the 2 big ones im missing he is going to sort it today for me
  4. folks would any of ye know the size of the tabs on the side panels for my 86 efe, i can get a fella to 3d print for both side panels as mine are missing and broke, i have abs plastic i can form them. just need someone to measure diameter of them and the length and the size of the top thanks again
  5. got the codes lads off priory suzuki in dublin ireland, a fella by the name of Anto great help
  6. i think it is off a gsx 1100 so its not for the efe, it is brand new original system not a blemish on it i willo sell it here and try find one for mine
  7. folks, i have bought 1984 efe and these exhausts came with it, but i think they are the wrong ones for the bike can you shed some light on it please it is clashing with side stand and full stand and i dont know where the bracket mount to the bike is ?
  8. Folks what are correct spec for exhaust header bolts on 1984 efe ?
  9. you beauty thanks mate, waiting on a manual to arrive here but can orderm jets today thanks again
  10. folks wht are the correct sizes for the jets on my 88 slingshot 750, i have just bought original exhaust system thanks
  11. thanks Dudes, bought the bike.will post pics later next week when she is delivered
  12. where are robinsons based Toni, england ?, i googled robinsons cant find them
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