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  1. After recently acquiring a Brembo clutch MC off a forum member i'm going to attempt to fit it this weekend to my 88 1100J, i've bled brakes and clutches before but never actually fitted a new MC, i'm guessing it should be a straightforward job... it already has a braided clutch line fitted so i plan on draining the system, uncoupling the hose at the old MC end ,fitting the new MC and resevoir , refilling the res and bleeding the system as normal, i'm reasonably spanner handy but if any one has any tips and advice on how to avoid problems they would be most welcome. TIA...Phil.
  2. Lots of work done and a very nice bike mate....Heres my newly acquired 1100j ,cant wait for the spring and a proper ride on it.
  3. Make sure you have connected the two wires on the Harness side and not the stand side of the junction , sounds like your switch is still live.
  4. Changed the oil/filter for the proper stuff and its still doing it, have drawn the conclusion that the plates are sticking cos the oil and ambient temperature are so low at the moment, once the bike is thoroughly warmed there is no problem, so things should improve when the weather gets a bit warmer....so apologies to @clivegtowho i thought was taking the piss by saying warm it up for longer....
  5. The thing is i dont know what oil is in the bike, dealer I bought it off is now closed for xmas so cant ask. I always used Mobil 10w40 semi in my old 750j with no problems. And that's what I've just bought this time, I'll give it a go and see if it makes a difference.
  6. If it has been filled with the wrong type of oil and i drain it and refill with proper 10w40 should that do the trick or will i need strip it and clean the plates?
  7. Yeah I know...I've ordered some 10w40 to be sure.
  8. It's a hydraulic clutch and yes the oil was changed at a service just before I bought the bike,i have contacted the previous owner and he had no clutch issues, I'm wondering if the service put the wrong oil in it ,eg. fully synthetic !!
  9. Serious advice only please...lol.
  10. When I engage 1st gear on a cold engine the bike stalls as if the sidestand is down , but I have recently bypassed the switch and checked that 1st gear will engage with the stand down and it does. So I'm guessing it could be sticking clutch plates, the bike engages gear with no problem when warmed....advice appreciated please.
  11. Job done, traced the wires ,disconnected and joined the 2 wires together with bullet connectors ,shrink wrapped and jobs a good'n....just waiting for some dry roads so i can ride it without getting it covered in road shit.
  12. Cant find the specific thread on here , just had a good search, but looking on other sites and googling it just seems a case of tracking the 2 wires to the harness ,disconnecting and joining the 2 harness side wires together...i'll try it later.
  13. The sidestand switch on my newly acquired 1100j Slabby is sticking , is it simply a case of following the wire to the harness under the seat and unplugging it to remove it, or is it more complicated than that?
  14. Thanks for all the replies, been looking at Brembo pads on and the bay ,there's a bewildering range though, which would you go for just for fast road and occasional track use?
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