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  1. Banditmac

    What steering dampers are people using on their slingys

    Nothing to the chassis. 4"-over swinger, zzr radial front end, with wider 6" back wheel. Have always had dampers on my bikes, maybe ive confidence issues! :-)..
  2. As the title says really, Ive been looking around but still not sure what to go for, or what set up will work best. Any advice welcomed. Cheers.
  3. Banditmac

    Sleeveing for 7/11 engine mount

    Does this not have to be done on the middle mountings aswell?
  4. Banditmac

    Aftermarket sprocket cover

    My aftermarket cover has 3 the same lenght and 1 shorter.
  5. Banditmac

    GSXR 1100 Pingel or Standard tap?

    What model r6?
  6. Banditmac

    Cam to cam oil links

    Any pics?
  7. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    Off to the wanted section with me so..
  8. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    I have a delkevic system here that I originally bought for one of my other bandits. Funds wont allow me anyrhing else for now, so using it on my 7/11 project, hence the sump swap,looking to the future, Im not too sure what im going to use, performance wise. All advice welcomed.
  9. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    You using that Colin?
  10. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    Im only swapping over as im using an exhaust system that was made originally for a b12.
  11. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    Thanks Colin. Had a 750 block here untill about 6months back, and got rid of ot as I never needed anything off it and it was constantly in the way..typical!!!
  12. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    Both or just the one?
  13. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    Why would the oil being sent upwards like that be a bad thing?. I did think about removing it, but decided the jap engineer that put it there originally might have had a reason and probably knows a bit..lol. I would have thought oil being thrown up on the crank was a good thing, or is it that there would be too much oil being thrown up at the linings?? I could alter it no bother, thanks for the tip.
  14. Banditmac

    Swapping from GSXR to b12 sump.

    Swapping over to a B12 sump on my 11 motor. theres a tab on the down tube that seems to be blocking me from fitting the b12 sump as its hitting the oil pressure regulator, or is it pressure relief valve, can I cut the tab off, or whats the best thing to do?
  15. Banditmac

    Slabby 1100 wiring diagram

    Buy a manual online for 15quid or even less. Better then any cook book or bible....