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  1. Hutch

    Carbon fibre body work

    I plan to do the seat unit and side panels as maybe the clock back, just sourcing good ones to mould from as mine area bit beat up. Also working on the 8" light bowl for the EFE and maybe more EFE parts but thet are big panels which may reduce the demand a bit
  2. Hutch

    Carbon fibre body work

    Hi Guys, i have done some rough calculation on the Kat Top fairing and the rough cost looks like it would be within the £180 - £200 range in full autoclaved gloss twill. Is this something people would be still be interested in at these prices. Just gauging the demand before i stump up for moulding prices and look at the other parts
  3. Hutch

    Brake upgrades

    I put on an Accossato master cylinder and it made a hell of a difference
  4. Hutch

    Mark 1 and 2 Bandit 1200 loom

    Mk1 it is then, cheers guys for the advice. Any one got one??
  5. what are the differences between a Mk1 loom from a Mk2 ? I have a Mk1 engine for my Kat and a Mk1 CDI and i been offered a Mk2 loom at a good price
  6. Guys and girls, i have a customers 1100WN CDI that he believes is not working. We only have F,G,H,J,K,L and M and the plug pin config is different. The 6 wire plug on the earlier bikes only use 4 of the plugs whereas the water boilers use all 6. Would anyone be willing to test this for me on theirs in i send it to you?
  7. Hutch

    Engine , retain or change

    bugger missed it
  8. Hutch

    Engine , retain or change

    Just had quick look on Eblag for a complete 1200 but they all seem to £2k +. Reckon I will stick up a wanted post here and see what is about
  9. Hutch

    Engine , retain or change

    Cheers @wraith, i have a set of RS38's waiting and as i am in the trade i have a few exhausts that would work. CDI , oil cooler will have to go on my shopping list. Nice Kat by the way
  10. Hutch

    Engine , retain or change

    Looks like i might be on the hunt for a bandit engine and all the otherbits to get it running
  11. Hutch

    Engine , retain or change

    Hi guys, my project Kat came with an engine with the barrels and head removed. The camshafts and followers look pretty worn and I have no idea if the bottom end is good. Question is do I through money at the original lump and hope the bottom end is ok, do I do a full strip and rebuild or do I put something like a bandit 12 motor in it. It’s going to be a resto mod so originality isn’t important but I do love the look ok the old lump. Money wise toting it up in my head a bandit motor with a known history is the cheapest option or do I bite the bullet and rebuild the old girl. Any advise would be appreciated
  12. Hutch

    Carbon fibre body work

    Just to keep you in the loop we are currently sourcing parts, we have the Kat covered and just finalising the EFE parts. Once I have them I can put together some ball park figures to make sure the project is cost effective (moulding is pretty costly)
  13. Hutch

    Carbon fibre body work

    @Oddball was the pm to me?
  14. Hutch

    GSX1400 swingarm

    Hi guys. I bought a bandit arm for my Kat but when it turned up it was in a right state. I have now been offered a GSX1400 arm and wondered if anyone has used these before, it has shock mounts so if it fits without major work it’s a winner for me
  15. Hutch

    Carbon fibre body work

    The stuff i will do will be preg autoclaved, not wet lay or oven cured pre preg