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  1. I take all my EFEs to my local frame straightner ( i'm lucky I have one ). They invariably have something wrong with them and the subframes and swingarms are very easily knocked out of kilter. This is the type of guy you need to find: http://www.motoliner.com/ Makes a huge difference. Greetings
  2. I thing I answered this on the GSR Forum but for the sake of others, if you have a steel insert in your clutch hub and it looks like this, then change it. It is totally goosed and will let you down big time very soon: https://youtu.be/Yj6vAyaUqN4 Greetings
  3. Defo your wiring. Make sure your reg/rect is eartherd directly to the battery terminal. It not put in an extra cable. Then check your wiring up to the ignition and kill switches. You are looking for burnt and brittle cables. After 35 years all your terminal need cleaning - especially all the earth connections. If you rev up and the headlamp goes dim, you have bad connections. Greetings
  4. Yes looks like GS1100 to me. What size are they? 34mm = GS850 and 36mm = GS1100.
  5. Anyone going to this from down South? I'll be coming up from Kent for a nice run out and to check on proceedings.
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