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  1. That's what I thought I believe so but not sure if they still had the pipe for it or not.
  2. A friend of mine picked these up as b12 carbs but they're not. He measured them at 38mm I.d. But they don't have power jet, but have the bolt that unscrews from the bottom of bowl for jets. Not checked cylinder spacing yet.
  3. Anyone know if a b12 rim will slot straight in? Looking to fit a straight spoke wheel and bandits the easiest to get my hands on.
  4. Cheers for that. Thinking of going with an adjustable top shock mount. Just need to hunt down a shock. Have a 95 750 arm to go in. Looking for a straight spoke 5.5 rim to go in now.
  5. Well gents, what's the best handling rear set up? K7 shock actually handle well or need to be resprung? Anyone ran the srs linkage? Splash out for wilbers? Want the best possible set up...
  6. Any issues with the pillion seat? Latch work?
  7. Ah deadly, she hates grab rails so that's no problem. May pic up a set and see how it goes, if the pillion seat doesn't work out I'll just move it on.
  8. Deadly, cheers for that. Seats mount up ok? Will have to take the weight of the missus
  9. I have a uncut frame, don't really want to start chopping and modding
  10. Ah shit, i much prefer the twin rear lights
  11. spiderpig


    Preferred it when you had the blade tail on it heatz
  12. Anyone know if 1100/750 l m n seat unit and seats will fit a 750j/k?
  13. Brilliant, cheers for that, exactly what I wanted to hear
  14. Can't remember if I've asked this before but anyway.. Looking a putting the top braced 750w arm into a slingshot 750. I know its a pretty straight swap but what linkage and shock should I be using with it? Don't just want it in but working as it should.
  15. M/N have shims, everything else has locknut. J/K are short stroke. I plan on using both in different builds.
  16. Ah I know that but apparently the centre swaps over to get coil spring instead of diaphragm
  17. Well lads, looking at building a 1270 using a bandit. The stock clutch up to it? Have a powerscreen hub and plate there was reading it'll swap in but if the bandits man enough I'll leave it be. What yas reckon?
  18. I had a watercooled tank mocked up on my 89 750, it is wider than the frame rails at widest point and rear mounts are in different places but fine other than that. Dont know about fuel tap clearance tho
  19. Cheers they're the cams out of your thunderbike actually
  20. If he's really unlucky the oil return pipes will be seized in the cases, like the slab I'm working on
  21. Can short stroke 750 cams be fitted to the slabby 750? I was reading in Frankenstein's guide that they have a different number of teeth on the cam sprockets but nothing else. So if I swap the sprockets and dial them in should I be alright?
  22. The sv lads are using busa pistons to get higher comp in the 650, so they'd be useless for us I'd imagine.
  23. Yep, thats the one, reground cams as well. Yeah was thinking that, have a set of busa pistons lying around might put to use
  24. Yeah, was trying to decide whether to send it up north or find someone down here. My usual engineer cant do boring, but he races cages and recommended http://howardengineering.ie/ supposed to be the best when it comes to motor work. Will ask around
  25. You dont know if shane wogans place in slane bores out crankcases/cylinders do you?
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