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  1. I’ll check my hoard of bits - may have a spare one but can’t quite remember. Not home till tomorrow & can’t promise anything so if one comes your way I’d say take it - there’s a couple on the bay btw

  2. That looks 750 to me

    the difference being 750 has bearings on the ears of the arm (where the bolt with split pin is in your 2nd pic) - 1100’s have the bearing located in the hub of the knuckle - hopefully these pics will explain a bit better

    750 knuckle & arm


    1100 knuckle & arm


  3. I’ve got an 11 linkage on a 750 but admittedly am using the 11 arm too & 750 shock. Here’s some pics I found some time back of where you need to remove some meat from the 11 linkage to allow full movement. Don’t have any measurements!

    The 7 & 11 arms have a different bearing set up for the linkage too obviously ;)






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  4. Assuming that you don’t know the history of the forks, it may be an idea to check they’ve been assembled correctly. I had this recently, albeit on a set of K6 forks. I figured out that the rebound adjuster screw height hadn’t been adjusted correctly as per the specs in the manual during assembly, resulting in nearly no travel in the rebound setting screw - just a thought 

  5. Is it not possible to use a sprocket nut that incorporates the hall sensor? Sure I read somewhere many moons ago that an early zx10 item is usable - unsure if the castle protrusions would match up to the sprocket cover sensor though?.....Just a thought

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  6. Hi, the challenge will be the swinging arm linkage, unless you’re well handy. 

    Best to press the slabby stem into the K8 yoke, will probably need building up with some weld at the base, top hat spacer in the top yoke to take up the slack (smaller diameter stem) - there is more detailed info out there if you look.

    I have a k5 front end on my slabby but it was years ago when it was done & I can’t remember the specifics!!

    Are you using the k8 forks & wheel?

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