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  1. What an adventure! I used to like the back end pf all things but NO, will not get one. As I had been thinking of one as they are not very desirable here in the states. Laters G
  2. Wait, aren't the RF600, GSXR 600, and GSXR 750 having smaller diameter main journels and bearings than the RF900 and GSXR 1100? G
  3. If it works for you, why not? No vacuum leaks? Did you make some spacer rings to fit the air filters? G
  4. Ooh. Okay. But why not use older GSXR 1100 intake manifolds? 13110/20/30/40 17DO? These take the 40mm CV Mikuni's. Just my thought. G
  5. Riddle this please, would you be able to use the outside cylinders. #1 & #4, on cyls two and three? To get the spacing right? Also, why so small tb's? 32mm. 42mm would be a better bet. Or at least 38's. G
  6. Maybe a 60mm tb will be fine. What is the flow of the supercharger? You would do a draw thru type system as to blow thru would defeat the purpose somewhat and you woul need a blow off valve or bypass. Just think of how big a 105mm tb is for a 427 cubic inch LS engine and a 60 or even a 70mm tb may not be too big. G
  7. Thanks! I will. Just wondering if it shares the ground. G
  8. Question: most run the 3 wire, 3 BAR GM Map sensor, what do you do with the 4th wire when you use the Bosch 3 BAR Map sensor, 4 wire? Tnx G
  9. Sorry, I was trying to say countless Gurls blouse's. Like the 2004 and newer CBR 1000 RR and more. G
  10. Sumpthing is up with autocorrect.
  11. Sorry, I was trying to say countless Gurls blouse's. G
  12. Arttu, I am suspecting that the secondary injectors may flow less than the primaries. After all, they were for the 600/750. Plus, the secondaries are shorter. Note, the secondaries should actually be pointed straight into the throttle bodies throat. Not the now missing second throttle plate. The new GSXR 1000 is like this and countless Gurls blouse's. G
  13. Okay, I too have a set of these GSXR 600 throttle bodies. For sale as I will not use them. But what I was thinking is maybe we need a column listing all the fuel injectors and their flow rates? Would help us deciding on which to source and if any of the stock injectors are worth using or hoarding. G
  14. Hiya'allz, F.I. time Marco? Is that Subi turbo a ball bearing unit? Really love the real, ridden everywhere look of the bike! LaterG G
  15. Interesting. Though double springs and large return holes do not make sense, maybe restrict the pressure side?
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