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  1. Jonny Bravo

    Awesome aircooled pictures

  2. Jonny Bravo

    Awesome aircooled pictures

  3. Jonny Bravo

    Awesome aircooled pictures

  4. Jonny Bravo

    Engine paint

    I used Japlac Enamel on mine, Again as others have said proper prep is your friend. Utterly heat and fuel resistant but best cured properly in an oven
  5. Jonny Bravo

    Gs750 frame v gs1000 frame?

    The gs 1000 lump is physically much shorter than the 750 so I'd expect the cradle on the 750 to be larger than the thou. Can't remember if theres any thing in it in the swingarms but knowing Suzuki they'll probably change over without problem
  6. Jonny Bravo

    fork swap on a 1983 gs750es

    Pretty much all suzuki forks and front end set ups are interchangable for example I've got Gsxr110k forks and yokes with a Gsxr1100wp wheel and Gsxr750j brakes and mudguard in the front of my 1978 Gs1000e and all I've had to do is modify the lockstops , the rest all just bolts together. the info you need can be found on the old site here > http://old-skool-suzuki.proboards.com/thread/1870/fork-conversion-chart-rotor-matrix
  7. Jonny Bravo

    GS1000 Seat

    I don't think there's any difference between the seat mounts on a gs frame apart from probably the custom one. I used one of those seats on my thou e , well once I'd ripped off the king queen bit and put the standard cushion on it