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  1. Brain block They are 18 inch aen't they?
  2. How many teeth does a gsx1100 rear sprocket have and if i go to 530 pitch do i need to compensate for that?
  3. this is just before i line up to put the cam chain tensioner in the engine
  4. I am building up an 1170 motor. A oproblem i have never encountered before. I get to the 1-4 T mark and I cannot get it lined up. It seems to rock one way or the other. 4 times i have done it and the cams are out.
  5. Anybody got it because I am old and I cannot see the numbers cast in the head.
  6. Anybody got one so i can get it blown up as my age and deteriorating eyesight is making me struggle reading the manual.
  7. I have all this John. What I am needing it the size threaded part that goes into the engine for the hose to attach to so I can fit an8 instead of an10. The rest I will be able to sort out.
  8. It is for the gsx1100. I am refitting a cooler and want to replace the lines. I got pirtec to make my last lines but they were more suited to a tractor. My Iines before theta were an10. To bulky and very 90,s. So I am going black hose finishing.
  9. What do I need to go into the bottom of the engine. The adaptors and the take offs. I have everything else. Unless anybody knows where i can get complete ones with black fittings.
  10. Cheers mate. I will give that a try.
  11. How do I remove the rod from the casing?
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