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  1. bloody hell i have been stupid. At least i can admit that
  2. the head has too much paint on it so hence the question. Maybe my eyesight has something to do with it also.
  3. Hi can anybody tell me the order they go in ?
  4. Brain block They are 18 inch aen't they?
  5. How many teeth does a gsx1100 rear sprocket have and if i go to 530 pitch do i need to compensate for that?
  6. this is just before i line up to put the cam chain tensioner in the engine
  7. I am building up an 1170 motor. A oproblem i have never encountered before. I get to the 1-4 T mark and I cannot get it lined up. It seems to rock one way or the other. 4 times i have done it and the cams are out.
  8. Anybody got it because I am old and I cannot see the numbers cast in the head.
  9. Anybody got one so i can get it blown up as my age and deteriorating eyesight is making me struggle reading the manual.
  10. I have all this John. What I am needing it the size threaded part that goes into the engine for the hose to attach to so I can fit an8 instead of an10. The rest I will be able to sort out.
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