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  1. A drill and small file. 30 minutes spare time job done
  2. It's the side with the cams facing out isn't it? But that's number 4 when the timing marks are correct to the manual
  3. If pointing in travelling clockwise... The intake cam will now open the intake valve.... Or am I thinking this wrong
  4. Aha so the one pointing in is the one I wanna back off a few degree and set to spark
  5. On a gsf1200 when timing in the cams as per the picture (or as per the manual) as Pistons travel in pairs, which should be under compression 1 or 4? I know the coil sends a spark to each, one being a wasted spark. But I'm trying to time in a magneto. I've done as per manual but both cylinders look to have both sets of valves closed. One has the pointy part of the cam lobe, facing outward of the cases ( ie ex facing the exhaust and in facing the carb) other has the lobes facing inwards toward each other! Logical to me says, motor spinning in a clockwise direction, the lobes facing
  6. It was built for the bike, other than the shock I have been a little too stiff for my liking, .... Well.
  7. I'm waiting for the postman to bring me parts to fire it up, had trouble finding a piston spring for the carb but got it now, I've had to cut away the mounting for the alternator so I can gain access to the distributor cap to time it! I'm hoping I get a chance to try to fire it around Christmas provided I get a new carb rubber as mines split with something leaning on the carb. Ive still got the sidecar chassis and seat, I'm trying to get the bike running first so I can at least use it as something more than a door stop. Not gonna paint it just get it running and ride as is for now
  8. theyre small chops but I am also a giant
  9. Big-D


    Cheers fatbloke, the rubber hasn't perished just snapped in transit with something leaning on the carb
  10. ready to fire up, just got to time the magneto then final strip down, powder coat and paint
  11. Big-D


    The carb rubber... The rubber that secures the carb to the head, has snapped on my engine. What others are a direct replacement and from where? It's the outside left cylinder as sitting on the bike engine is gsf1200
  12. A couple of older build pics yeah.... It was one of those till I got grinder happy and began personalising it
  13. was hoping more Mr ness lol was going for a 70's digger feel about it
  14. You'll not end up with weakened mounts boring 2mm out lol
  15. Common as muck, not great looking, but as said, great for pinching their engine and wheels from. Good as a commuter/daily rider. Same with the teapots IMO
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