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  1. bernardo

    F or G?

    ET mine is on a black and silver plate rivited to the left of the headstock and stamped on the right. Same nó twice. Bike was UK model
  2. bernardo

    F or G?

    Swiss I have my f since 89 its frame no is gr75a engine r705. Bike is unmolested. its partly dismantled at the moment so if there's any dimensions or pics you want let me know.
  3. bernardo


    Francos advertise them on that site. If you find a source for the cheese grater let me know
  4. bernardo

    Need help

    there are repair kits for sump plugs available on that site. Saw them reviewed in one of the comics. Never used one myself but might be worth a shot
  5. Well I want to make my slabby as original looking as possible, what's under the skin is a different matter. So springs and emulators seem like a good idea
  6. Where did you get the springs and emulators? I'm thinking of doing the same myself
  7. Saw that. There's also a guy who reckons a 3:1 mixture of ipa and wintergreen works well. Mind you I have to get them off first
  8. I think I will invest in a hot air gun just to get them off. I've heard about wintergreen, the yanks swear by it, but I'll probably buy new ones as @Macduff says. (Ive been following his build and it's given me a few. Ideas)
  9. I've finally got around to stripping my slabby but I've hit a problem. The carb rubbers are rock hard and I can't get the carbs off. So do I cut them off or take a hammer to the airbox (which I'd rather keep)? The airbox rubbers are the ones which are giving me problems. thanks Bernard
  10. I saw a you tube video where the guy made a base from plywood and upholstered that. I'm facing the same problem shortly
  11. Not semi circular collets by any chance? I think you need them if they're fitted
  12. I've heard about wintergreen before, its sold on amazon as rubber renue (?) in tiny expensive bottles bottles. I'll work on the basis that there's nothing big to loosen in the engine
  13. I'm finally stripping my slabby down (after 18 years), but before I cut the chain off are there any nuts I should undo first (like the front sprocket nut) say on the clutch or crankshaft? Also the carb rubbers are harder than hell, should I just cut the inlet rubbers off to allow me to get the carbs off or are they hard to get or expensive? thanks Bernard
  14. I always use a dab of gun gum on each collet. Though I'm sure silicone would do the trick too You just have to be gentle on reassembly so they don't fall out
  15. Anybody know where I can get the dome headed fairing screws? The ones I've found have very small dome diameters, and the genuine Suzuki ones are a silly price thanks Bernard
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