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  1. I`ve got standard carbs,Micron full system and ramair filters on my 1052 racebike and it pulls like a train .
  2. Had a mate who had one of those in the 80s. He ground away the footrests that much he had to replace them !! Nutter !
  3. Love this bike just the right mods
  4. The number of times I`ve been asked for GS1000 tanks is unbelievable !! Shame most of them aren`t owners and just wanting to make a few quid.
  5. Is it just me or is there a digestive levitating behind the exhaust ?? ............ mmmmmmmmmmmmm biscuits !!!
  6. That`s what I`ve done on my race 1100 and am doing on the second one
  7. 38mm sound a bit big for a 750 slabby IMO
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