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  1. beam

    say what now!? 1100m carbs

    It is for the starter system / choke
  2. beam

    Clutch help please

    Yes most bikes share the engine and gearbox oil , but I have a automatic truck and it has separate engine and gearbox oil , I have just changed all the oils on my truck so I have truck head on and not bike head , sorry if I confused you . I don't no why a dirty pick up filter would affect the gear selection , but it DID help me when I cleaned it . Sticking clutch plates due to bad oil (contamination) due to lack of servicing by previous owners was my problem . I had clean ENGINE oil but my clutch plates still stuck together on first start up/gear selection . Gear selection was fine afterwards . I dumped the clean ENGINE oil , cleaned the pick up filter and put fresh ENGINE oil in as well as another oil filter . Selecting first gear , first start up improved , Sorry , only saying what was wrong with my bike . I will now go and sit in the corner and be quiet . Good luck with getting it sorted .
  3. beam

    Clutch help please

    What condition is the gearbox oil ? How clean is the sump pick-up ? My cable clutch 750 would jump and clunk when first put into gear so I changed the gear box oil and cleaned the sump pick-up and it improved a bit . I also pumped the clutch lever before selecting first gear to help separate the sticking clutch plates.
  4. beam

    1990 gsxr750m

    Wash it Service it Polish it Thrash it
  5. beam

    Help identifying mirrors

    Ha ha ha , it doesn't look like that now . It has served me well Captain .
  6. beam

    Help identifying mirrors

    Sorry captain chaos i did not see that the glass was adjustable i was looking at the rubber boot on the mounting point and the silhouette of the mirror It looks the same as my mirror from my 750 M
  7. beam

    Help identifying mirrors

    The black mirrors are from a M 1991 GSXR
  8. beam

    Mudguard mount.

    I can confirm that the above bracket is for USD forks From a 1991 750 m USD forks
  9. beam

    Slabby Is Hard To Get into Neutral

    Factory pro do a shift star http://www.factorypro.com/products/shift_kit,Factory_EVO.html
  10. Don't you need to fit a catch can filled with steel wool to condense the vapour ?
  11. If that is the top braced arm then YES.
  12. beam

    Harris Magnum 4 Tribute

    wow , that's wonderful Lots of nice little touches