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  1. Cheeky4648

    My day

    What’s all this test stuff? Don’t have that here in floriduh.
  2. Cheeky4648

    Gs1100 moded time capsule

    The wheels are Italian EPM magnesium wheels with brembo discs. Calfab arm and ohlins. Some really period stuff there. I would definitely change the way the calipers are mounted as the mountings look different from one side to the other in the pictures.
  3. I have a 750 srad back end I’m putting in my 750w. Let me know what sizes you need. @wraith
  4. Cheeky4648

    1127 crank into 1052

    I would have to cross reference part numbers to check all that out. My feeling is the 1400 crank is going to be physically big. Not just throw wise but also web diameters. Custom cases I would think. Check 1400 clutch part numbers to see if things cross over there too as that may be an area that doesn’t help with the primary drive if it’s different.
  5. Cheeky4648

    1127 crank into 1052

    Yes but the crank don’t know that
  6. Cheeky4648

    1127 crank into 1052

    Bandit 1250 crank has 64mm stroke. Con rod big end same size as busa/gsxr/bandit1200. Mains are smaller in diameter so weld up cases and line bore. Haven’t dropped one in a set of gsxr cases yet to see any issues but will be doing it soon.
  7. Cheeky4648

    Triumph rear wheel on an slabside

    Yup. @manden I’m aiming at 225 to 250 hp turbo. The triumph wheels are good and light. And I’m my mind neeeeeeeed to be white. Everyone to their own though. Lol. Have fun building Stuff.
  8. Cheeky4648

    Triumph rear wheel on an slabside

    As @Gammaboysaid you will need to use bolts instead of studs and nuts to gain more clearance. Even may need a bit off the sprocket face on the carrier to bring everything into line. Every bike is different. Putting the same wheels in my gsxr once I’ve fitted the engine where I want it.
  9. Cheeky4648

    Triumph rear wheel on an slabside

    @mandenMachine the lip off the carrier then assemble the carrier in the wheel without the rubbers to make shure the carrier is bottomed out against the inner bearing. Put wheel in swing arm with Suzuki spindle (it will fit) center the wheel in chassis. Check chain run and then measure for the width you will need for the spacer. Get one turned up. Job jobbed
  10. Cheeky4648

    Triumph rear wheel on an slabside

    @markfoggy I don’t think the issues you talk about will happen. As you can see there is an 8mm lip for the seal and then the circlip. All told to the bearing it’s 10mm. Also I would machine the circlip grove off too, and make a bell shaped spacer with a groove on the outer lip to take an o ring so sealing the sealed anyway bearing. Also with the spacer taking up the diameter it would act as a stop for the outer race given a few thou clearance. Machining all 10mm off would make the sprocket bolts hit first by about 1.2mm. Also the bearing is against a stop on the inside (pic2) so don’t really see the need for the circlip imo
  11. Cheeky4648

    ZX10 pistons/ 750 motor

    750 con rod big end is smaller than busa also rod length is significantly different.
  12. Cheeky4648

    ZX10 pistons/ 750 motor

    749. If you have 748 short stroke the rod is 19mm pin so still can Bush it. Strangely deck height on both 748/749 is the same. Also wiseco do an 80 mm piston with a 19mm pin that would probably fit the short stroke with just a liner and bore job.
  13. Cheeky4648

    ZX10 pistons/ 750 motor

    @Rene EFE08-12 zx10r pistons are 17mm pin 76mm diameter giving 883. They are a flat top piston so head would have to be skimmed for a raise in cr. Deck height idk but you would have to Bush the little end, drop liners out and skim block at bottom to get height right then refit liners. Done some messing around with gsxr1000 pistons and deck heights aren’t that dissimilar modern to old school piston wise so would guess zx10r aren’t that far from the say what now!? ones. Hope this is of use.
  14. Cheeky4648

    1100 EFE CDI

    Either that or wizardsofelectrcary.com basically I have NFC
  15. Cheeky4648

    1100 EFE CDI

    The two little square doohickeys held with the nuts are the coil drivers on a heat sink plate. I would suspect one of them is faulty.