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  1. Been given an et loom to mess with :).Thanks all-I am bound to be back-just the seat lock next.
  2. I checked the frame numbers gs75x-115*** japan model gsx750S2 silver engine,16 inch front wheel etc. I did consider the 750/1100et loom as it seems the easiest so far to modify for the clocks,if i can find one that is. cheers.
  3. Hi all, Long time no chat .Just aquired a jap import 750sd kat in pieces,mostly all there but seems to have an efe11 loom in the boxes not a kat one.I know kat looms are made of unobtanium and nowhere to be seen.So just a quick question,Are there any other looms close in layout that can be used without major mods or is it worth me butchering the efe loom i have with it? Plus it has sz handlebars and not the sd ones,are gsx750es the same bars?I just want to get it near enough standard before i delve into messing with it.
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