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  1. @busa ash @Stumonkey @smithy09 Thanks for your nice comments. True...this bike and me have a long travel & story together. I have other bikes, but this one is "special ". Pretty satisfied how the wheel has turned .
  2. All, look totally great !
  3. With all the motorcycle events cancelled, only option was to make round in the garden...
  4. @Dezza No. You need : 2x inner rubbers N°2 (13120) 2x inner rubbers N°3 (13130)
  5. At the time, i was able to buy a basket case bike. Looked as a 1100 M. Previous owner had buy bargain spare parts to fix it. (you may say this is not a good point for the infos...) I didn't repair it, but used miscellianous parts for my others bikes. Concerning the rubber (after measurment ) my conclusion for the rubber was that they came from a GsxR 1100 92. (aka 40mm carbs) I finded other rubber in a autojumble with the same size (40mm carbs) When i've done the montage i used the rubber in this order: Rubber réf. : -Cyl N ° 1 41C0 13120 -Cyl N ° 2 41C0 13120 -Cyl N ° 3 41C0 13130 -Cyl N ° 4 41C0 13130 What i've noted in my personnal note at the time: Which (in CLEAR) corresponds: - to use rubber N ° 2 on cylinders N ° 1 and 2 - to use rubber N ° 3 on cylinders N ° 3 and 4 It is therefore necessary to have 2 sets of rubber for 40mm carbs to carry out the assembly of W carbs on an -oil cooled engine. As you precised before Dezza, some misallignement are notable with the inlet port. Was thinked doing some retouche but never did it. Carbs are still on my MotoMartin and works great in term of perfo.
  6. Some years ago (2012) on my MotoMartin, i've mounted some W 38bst carbs. 1127cc Engine from 1990. Rubber ref : -Cyl N°1 41C0 13120-Cyl N°2 41C0 13120-Cyl N°3 41C0 13130-Cyl N°4 41C0 13130
  7. But...all is going better with more sun !
  8. So...Even if i've tempted to adopt some good resolutions for 2020 and changing nothing on the bike, it's seems difficult resist doing some (little !) improvment. I decided to fix an old exhaust can and try to mount this one. Lot of weld work, but i'm satisfied with the result. Result. This is my Winter pic.
  9. Cause...i'm fan , did you make some progress in your build ? Regards from France.
  10. As said before for "SundayRideClassic"date and cause i've decided changing nothing tecnical on the MotoMartin...i've just marked my name on the fueltank, so i can find my bike more easyly...and OSS members (@Mar71n or @dupersunc maybe ??? ) for those who are interested to be there too... Cheers !
  11. The dates for the next "SundayRideClassic " aka SRC are out...
  12. One more step with a Beringer brakes front master cylinder . And as planified, modified routing exhaust in a better shape. I'm not satisfied with the top fairing . Looking for something different. Slingshot or...Tornado look maybe... I've find some new airfilter too. This is the state for this week. To be continued...
  13. No much money , so...not so much choice if i want make significative progress. So i take oil cooler, coils and rearset from my GsxR1100 H (need some clutch works...), to mount all the stuff on this one. Exhaust silencer is absolutely not supposed stay as it is... I mounted some CV36 carbs. Engine is alive. I was able to make first wheels turn.
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