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  2. Reading about your build made me sign up to OSS (which i should have done ages ago!), mainly to say great work, great attention to detail. That's a bike i'd like a closer look round, love it
  3. Any torque setting quoted in a manual is always with dry threads unless specifically stated to the contrary. As a rule of thhumb reduce the torque setting of a greased thread by one third but there is absolutely no reason to lubricate cam cap bolt threads. They are not going to be exposed to the elements so should never seize in. Plus any lubricant will be trapped in a blind hole so may crack the alloy when it boils off and expands as a trapped gas. Keep the bolts and the hole dry before torquing.
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  5. Have a look at the post by Tyler on 28th may 2019 6 speed gear box bandit 1200 mite help for what you need to do. Sorry don't know how to put a link in maybe someone else can
  6. Actually no, the r750 has slightly taller gear that the Teapot or B6. GSXR750 1st 2.77 / 2nd 2.25 / 3rd 1.65 / 4th 1.40 / 5th 1.23 / 6th 1.09:1 Teapot/B6 1st: 3.083 / 2nd: 20.62 / 3rd: 1.647 / 4th: 1.400 / 5th: 1.227 / 6th: 1.095
  7. So then the teapot and B6 should drop straight in, with no mods. And the transmission gearing is the same across all the 6 speed gear boxes?
  8. Only the GSX-R750 Slingshot models ('88 - '91) have the clutch operation on the right side of the engine, so they have an undrilled shaft. All the others have a hole in the shaft.
  9. As I seem to have a possibly knackered transmission in my powerscreen motor, and several 6 speed gearboxes to choose from. Are there any differences between the B6, Teapot 750, and R750M transmissions that would have a benefit over the others? Perhaps one may not need to be "drilled"? And if they all need to have the shaft drilled for the push rod, which shaft is it that needs this? This project will be down the road, but if I can start familiarizing myself with the requirements now that would be helpful. Again, thank you.
  10. So I have decided to go down the Molasses route. Having taken a look at my trial using brick acid, while it has certainly removed the rust but I did not like the look at what it had done to the rusty bolt. don’t fancy doing that to my tank. I am not in any rush. So it is the long slow method for me. I will update in 3 weeks or so. Most of the rust has been removed already so it might not take quite as long. It will give me some time to sort the brakes out next.
  11. Thanks for the welcome mr Swiss Toni, yep it looks like it, bearings on the Christmas present list LOL. Be sure FBoB, I WILL be asking questions of you all, when the tear down begins.
  12. What i said was perfectly clear and was based on OP info added to the bearing failure symptoms he seems to be experiencing What i wrote does not imply anything about how all GSXR and Bandits in proper running order should sound like. Do read again if any of that or my previous message sound unclear.
  13. Looks like you’re getting the spanner’s out for Christmas then! Welcome!
  14. If that was so, then all the gsxr and B12.'s would do it all the time and they dont, You have a shot bearing Inmate. Pull it apart.
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  16. Whoa, hold on there Joseph that’s a little too technical for my small brain. The screaming is at all speeds, under constant load; say a constant 30/40/50 mph. If I close the throttle it stops, if I open it up full throttle again it stops, weirdly.
  17. I'd pull off the ignition cover and try to start it in a dark shop. See if the points are sparking. Easy to get bad condensors these days. Also, I'd check voltage to the coils, especially when cranking
  18. I can't ride much in the winter as it effects my R/A so the bike doesn't get used much IF i had to use my ET in the winter i would spend the cash on better riding gear. I just can't imagine an ET with a fairing, the bike looks good without one. its part of the unwritten rules to post a pic of your bike by the way
  19. Hi Tony,thanks for your reply, no i don't want to put a full fairing on the bike, but need too for winter riding. Now i am old ( 73 ) i'm old and cold , circulation not being what it used to be, so the choices are not riding in the winter , selling the bike and buying one with good weather protection, or buying a full fairing for my lovely gsx. Which would you choose !!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Could be down to an engine rev/load vibration frequency correlation ?
  21. It's indeed not an 1100, it's a 750 Frame is there with the tank too Anyways indeed, just an example of what can be done with "a bit" of work (just polishing all of those K8 components must have been a ballache though blimey) It's also mainly that we need more info from OP as far as what project is intended, in order to be able to reply
  22. That just needs a bit of grease in the bearing
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