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  1. Simbec1863

    Slabbies and why we need them....

    Hangover today so took the old girl for a slap up breakfast at hungry hogs
  2. Simbec1863

    Gia 1216

    Looking awesome
  3. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    A bit more wiring and hoses secured,went to clean the rad ready for repainting and the core is fooked,oh bugger,so thought that’s it had enough today went to push the bike back into the shed and the newly built forks felt strange then I noticed the right hand leg was leaking oil,this thing is determined not to get rebuilt......it’s a never ending pit of mula
  4. Simbec1863


    Good project will be following part2 with interest
  5. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Drank a few beers,got a sunburnt head and managed to fit some of the coolant hoses,refitted the clutch cover and set the clutch cable to. Kickstart back on,just need to sort all the pipes and electrical spaghetti next weekend then carbs on
  6. Simbec1863

    Gpr steering damper

    Oh me oh my.....
  7. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Few more bits and bobs ticked off,side stand back on so off the workshop stand at last,Speedo cable and drive fitted did a little wiring then stuck the tank and seat on to remind me what it could look like.
  8. Simbec1863

    Got myself an ET......nearly

    Sorted a few more electrical gremlins this morning, loose coil and a poor earth,also fitted the heat shield. Went for a test ride then gave it full beans down my local dual carriageway,when I shut off it just died, then restarted within a few seconds when I pulled into a lay-by and now she’s smoking like a bastard... ah bugger you sort one problem then create another. The motor was coming out over the winter anyway,looks like it may be happening sooner than I planned Home after a slow ride home, pissed off threw her back in the naughty corner.....
  9. Simbec1863

    Slabbies and why we need them....

    Mot passed today no advisories to
  10. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Fitted a few more bits while I waited for the paint to dry...rear indicators,bottom frame rail,rad brackets and rear light onto the newly painted bracket
  11. Simbec1863

    Rgv VJ21

    Got bored so stripped the original horn cleaned,painted and refitted saved me buying a new one at least
  12. Simbec1863

    Got myself an ET......nearly

    Arrived today a job for a non sunny day
  13. Simbec1863

    Fuel or ignition

    Glad it’s sorted ,you’re problem solving approach paid off
  14. Simbec1863

    Gia 1216

    This is ace now I can't stop thinking of saving up the pennies or selling my non-suzook to fund another project, made worse by living only 15 mins away from GIA.
  15. Simbec1863

    Gia 1216

    Bloody lovely makes me want one even more now