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  1. Fjbj40

    1127 stuck/seized?

    Well no luck so far. The MM oil has slowly ran between the rings and cylinder walls. So I am thinking something in the gearbox is stuck? Guess I will pull the clutch cover off and have a look next. Unless it's the crank that is stuck, but I doubt it as there was so much oil/fuel in the case and no water.
  2. Fjbj40

    Carb jet sizes.? Help!!

    Have a read through this one, may help https://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?73723-Carb-OEM-specs-as-per-factory-manuals
  3. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    Short found! The screw holding the coil power tang backed out and shorted against the mounting stud. Fixed with lock washers and added best shrink to stud to prevent a possible repeat. I am getting tired of working on this one so I took the hooligan 1000 out for a blast today, picture added to the cool air-cooled bikes post
  4. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    I never tried as just warming it up in the shop yielded no change So, I decided to make tooling to check fuel level in the bowls. Glad I did because even though floats were set the level was below limits! Fixed that and she was working very well. Took her for a good heat up and all seem to be working just fine after resetting the pilot screws. Was on one last hard pull to check main jet and needle height. As I pulled out and cracked her she was pulling beautifully and I was thinking to myself ahhhh got it! Then all of a sudden baaaaaaa, no more ignition, she just quit. So, checked fuse for ignition, that's good, checked my Newell installed ignition relay, yup that's good. And that's as far as I got. Going to check the Ignitor and pickups later today. FFS!
  5. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    No o-rings on the 16 valve 1100. So I found an article that said to rich on the pilot circuit with these particular carbs can also cause the problems I am having. So for shits and giggles I set the pilot screws at 1 turn out, gonna take it for a run a little latter tonight to see the results?
  6. I machined down the cush drive surface for the sprocket when I put the 5.5 bandit wheel in my 1100 swinger in order to centre the wheel. I also made new spacers and had to use an offset front sprocket. It is not going to be a simple bolt in if that is what you are looking for! I run a 170 tire with about 1/4" clearance on each side. Machining is required to make it work.
  7. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    So, I am out 3.5 turns on the pilot screws, starts no problem, as she pretty much always did. However, she still rises to approx 1500 once hot, after 20 minutes of hard driving. They are the stock pilot jets, all new OEM carb boots, factory air box. She also has an off idle hesitation when hot, but pulls hard once 3-3500 rpm has been reached. A feathering of throttle at hot idle is required to get off the line smoothly.The hesitation is not there when the bike is cold.Bike has 4:1 Wolf exhaust with a very quiet pipe for a 4:1!47.5 is the pilot jet, maybe move up to a 50? I do not want to come out more than 3.5 turns on the screws as they seem loose right now.What I found odd was very little change at hot idle from 2.5 to 3.5 turns.
  8. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    Well, those 115 jets got her up and charging! After I installed them I re-sync'd the carbs, set idle. Then had to run to my daughters grad dinner. Got her out for a short blast and she works great. But I noticed the idle increases when warmed up so I need to richen the pilot screws a tweak, tomorrow's job. The bike handles and feels absolutely fantastic, pics to follow.
  9. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    Wow, that's weird the way it typed up?
  10. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    I pulled the carbs, again! Getting good at it now .I now have my ignition problem sorted, bad ignition leads, or maybe just loose. I fooled around with it and it is running same temp on headers at idle.However, at around 5000 she stutters, I am now thinking it is too rich on the MJ?So, according to the FSM, I should have 112.5 main jet, it has a 122.5. Pilot jet should be a 45, I have a 47.5. Main air jet should be 1.2, I have a 1.6. The markings on the jets are CIB? Anybody ever heard of these? When end I got the bike it had crap pods on it, I have since installed the factory airbox setup. I also have a set of 1150 cams installed, set to 105-107' IIRC, it's recorded somewhere.So, I have done some research and from my readings it seems it is a good idea to go up a bit on the main and pilot jets to make the engine run better, in stock configuration, meaning stock airbox and maybe headers, which I have. But the readings say to go to a 115-120 MJ. I have adjusted floats to 22mm, as per manualI have a set set of Mikuni 115 MJ I am thinking of giving a go.Advise please
  11. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    Yes, I tried another coil, still the same, will swap coils for. Further troubleshooting
  12. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    Should the air screws be different between the centre cylinders vs the outboard cylinders?
  13. Fjbj40

    Fuel or ignition

    Tried new plugs, no change, FFS! So as far as I am concerned I have done the simple stuff first. so I just tore down a spare set of bs34ss carbs, I will put through the sonic cleaner on Monday and see what that does. I put one of those jumpers that goes from the lead to the plug and spark was jumping a .040 gap, so I am thinking the ignition is good, at idle anyways? Can anybody think of anything other than the carbs?
  14. Fjbj40

    Gsx1100ef motor in gsxr1100w

    Here is a GS 1000 stuffed into a gsxr1100 https://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?229202-GS-1000-engine-in-GSXR-1100-first-gen-frame&highlight=