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  1. What I did with my Gs1085 was "Roger told me "to do ride it for 50ish miles check for no leaks re torque head down and ride like you normally do since I fitted oil cooler it never used a drop of oil I just have a big bore kit basically stock cams ....
  2. I used Duckhams 20/50 in my Gs1000s for years about 95000miles Roger Upperton stripped it down Rebuilt motor but he did say he had never seen such a clean motor inside but I don't think you can buy it any more?...
  3. gshub

    GS 750 carb nipples

    Got mine from Allens when they stripped rebuilt my Mikuni slide carbs...
  4. gshub


    What if only but we didn't....
  5. gshub

    Jetting for V&H Pipe on standard 1100

    Just found my old V&H fitting instructions it say for GSX1100 80 to 83 remove Air box lid increase main jet to a 130 The pilot jet should be raised to a 47.5....
  6. gshub

    My katana build

    Fantastic job...
  7. gshub

    Gs1000 g

    I owned a Gs1100g shafty which I really enjoyed and wish I never sold ,never rode Gs1000g so don't know what to expect...
  8. gshub


    Very nice..
  9. gshub

    Finally!! The Wesimura is done apart fom___

    How is this coming a long?...00
  10. gshub

    GS1000 Airbox Rubbers

    Or put them in a bucket of warm water for 10 minutes does the trick...
  11. gshub

    GS1000 wiseco 73mm cylinder PSI

    Cams and better Carbs is what mine need it currently has Gs1100g ones and flat out about 130ish but loads off midrange grunt !...
  12. gshub

    GS1000 wiseco 73mm cylinder PSI

    I am sure my 1085cc was 180psi + when mine was checked and the Valve shims needed doing 3 times before it was totally sorted
  13. gshub

    Mikuni jetting...

    I got my Air Jets from Grumpy 1260 and now it goes like a bat outer of hell...