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  1. carlinmidarlin

    Gpr steering damper

    George was from Wigan aswell
  2. carlinmidarlin

    Gpr steering damper

    Funny guys but info needed if pos
  3. carlinmidarlin

    Gpr steering damper

    Uklee even
  4. carlinmidarlin

    Gpr steering damper

    Any pics mate , I’ve done a search for ukulele but nothing has come up
  5. carlinmidarlin

    Gpr steering damper

    Has anyone modded a gpr damper to a slingshot , I’ve got 1 off a K5 1000 and wondered if it would fit with a qwick mod
  6. carlinmidarlin


    Hi all please don't shoot me , can h*nda cbr 6/9 coils be used on a slingshot/12 bandit motor , only asking as they have the screw on ends to stop the Taylor leads coming out like they did on my brothers efe that were just pushed in and a it of shitty glue put on cheers mick
  7. carlinmidarlin

    Bandit switch gear

    Can anyone tell me if mk 1 bandit 6 has the same electrical plugs as a 12 bandit please
  8. carlinmidarlin

    Slingshot wheel 12 bandit discs

    Is it poss to fit 12 bandit front discs to a gsxr slingshot front wheel cheers mick
  9. carlinmidarlin

    750 rear disc

    Ok mate cheers
  10. carlinmidarlin

    750 rear disc

    Hi all , could I use a 1200 bandit rear disc on my gsxr 750 rear wheel , both are 5 bolt and 5.5" wide cheers mick
  11. carlinmidarlin

    Gsxr cutting out

    Sorry it's a std system with a slip on end can
  12. carlinmidarlin

    Gsxr cutting out

    Well that weren't to bad as me airbox was split in half cheers captain for the heads up , now do I plastic weld up the airbox or use a stage 3 dynojet kit and Ryanair filters as the bike has a full micron system
  13. carlinmidarlin

    Gsxr cutting out

    Anyone else tryed this way as I'm gonna start it in 10 mins
  14. carlinmidarlin

    Gsxr cutting out

    Right , sorry it's been a long time since I've touched this bike again , I took the bike to a mate for a mot and to see if he could sonic the carbs to clean them , but he's rung me to say the air box has a big crack half way through , so do I drop the engine and fit a newish air box or dynojet with filters , please help as the suns out now cheers mick
  15. carlinmidarlin

    1200 bandit plugs

    As far as I no it's all std 1200 bandit