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  1. Captain Chaos

    Slingshot rear sprocket fitment years

    if in doubt, check this out http://www.jtsprockets.com/catalogue/
  2. Captain Chaos

    Slingshot rear sprocket fitment years

    early 4,5" wheels have 5 bolt sprockets IIRC, all the others shoud be the same with 6 bolts
  3. Captain Chaos


    yes the RF900 is an awesome long distance/high speed cruiser. A bit like a modern version of a faired EFE.
  4. Captain Chaos

    My Project GSX1100xx

    here's one I did a few weeks ago. Massive improvement in the handling and braking department.
  5. Captain Chaos

    My Project GSX1100xx

    yes he did only front wheel though
  6. Captain Chaos

    Gsx1400 zorst on oil cooled

    moved this to oilcooled since a GSX1400 is also oilcooled
  7. Captain Chaos

    Did my bottom end let go?

    the outer basket is connected to the crankshaft, the inner basket to the transmission. Inner basket should spin freely with transmission in neutral and no clutch plates installed. If the inner basket spins freely with the clutch nut slightly loose, it could be a missing spacer or something like that. If it doesn't, could be a gearbox problem.
  8. Captain Chaos

    air box removal

    yes, remove battery + battery tray. A lot of work but still better than removing the carbs.
  9. Captain Chaos

    New guy needing help with alternator

    here http://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/400
  10. Captain Chaos

    New guy needing help with alternator

    Result although 14,8V is a bit high, should be 14,5. Better do the charging system mod as described on here somewhere.
  11. Captain Chaos

    low cranking

    I would think you have a bad starter relay (high internal resistance)
  12. Captain Chaos

    New guy needing help with alternator

    I've read somewhere that the 1100F generator has higher output than other oilcooled ones, Suzuki thought when desinging the bike that tourers would be equiped with accessories like heated grips and stuff. But still other ones will fit and work once you swap the driven gear over.
  13. Captain Chaos

    Engine ident?

    yes slingy has clutch operation on right side. Short stroke and clutch operation on left side means most probably Teapot (GSX-F) engine. Then it should be black and have a dothead as well.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Engine ident?

    short stroke = 748cc, long stroke = 749cc. Is stamped on the left side of the barrels. Also short stroke has smooth clutch cover, long stroke has a nipple in the middle.
  15. Captain Chaos


    B6 has a 3" rim [/oilcooled anorak mode off]