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  1. R1guy

    Kawasuki 1127 Tu"R"bo

    Looks great. Reminds me of this
  2. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Don’t forget pastel yellow wheels!
  3. R1guy


    Photos or it never happened?!?!
  4. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    It’s actually supposed to be green, although th photos do make it look very blue. Once laquer is applied, maybe it’ll look closer to the colour I imagined. No offence taken on quality of paintwork- it’s never going to be road registered as I want to track it, so I’m not overly concerned about the finer details of the paint job -it doesnt show in the photos but the wheel and tail are of a similar paint quality
  5. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Small bit of progress
  6. R1guy

    Et to katana conversion

    Perfect!!! Just what I needed
  7. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Can you guess what colour graphics will be?
  8. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Slow moving project, but had some spare time so got the rattle cans out... Still needs laquer but I’m waiting for decals to arrive ....
  9. R1guy

    Et to katana conversion

    Does anyone have any detailed drawings/diagrams of the bracket that the faring bracket fixes to the frame at its lowest point?
  10. R1guy

    Slabbies and why we need them....

  11. R1guy

    Lock up for Cable clutch?

    I don’t have the bookface, how much does he sell them for?
  12. R1guy

    Slingshot rear sprocket fitment years

    Thanks for super quick response. So 750&1100, oil and water cooled all have same offsets?
  13. I’m looking to get a prettier looking rear sprocket and I can’t remember what year /model the rear wheel is of, it’s slingshot but that’s all I know. Will all slingshot sprockets fit or do I need to work out the year/model?
  14. R1guy

    My Project GSX1100xx

    I’d be more angry he only painted part of it black, although the two tone green/purple seat plastics are growing on me