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  1. R1guy

    Lock up for Cable clutch?

    I don’t have the bookface, how much does he sell them for?
  2. R1guy

    Slingshot rear sprocket fitment years

    Thanks for super quick response. So 750&1100, oil and water cooled all have same offsets?
  3. I’m looking to get a prettier looking rear sprocket and I can’t remember what year /model the rear wheel is of, it’s slingshot but that’s all I know. Will all slingshot sprockets fit or do I need to work out the year/model?
  4. R1guy

    My Project GSX1100xx

    I’d be more angry he only painted part of it black, although the two tone green/purple seat plastics are growing on me
  5. R1guy

    Harris Magnum 2 GSX1100

    Yeah, I could tell it was hunting a bit . Couldn’t believe it when I went past the junction and saw a “Harris” waiting to pull out
  6. R1guy

    Harris Magnum 2 GSX1100

    I was in black 3 series in front of you as we came into Highworth. I was desperately willing you to overtake me! Sounds awesome and looks great
  7. R1guy

    Harris Magnum 2 GSX1100

    @Spongebob- were you out on this today? I think I saw you on it- looks and sounds great
  8. R1guy

    Tire centered in frame??

    I know I'm a bit late to the party, but that engine hoist idea is excellent
  9. R1guy

    Slabbie arrives ...now what

    Just ride it! That paint is excellent!!!
  10. Hope you got a "smokin' " deal on it....
  11. R1guy

    77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Was that pun intentional?
  12. R1guy

    77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    Ask @boilerdude. @no class will confirm this
  13. I'm sure we've all seen it, but i still find it amusing https://goo.gl/images/9jRSs5
  14. R1guy

    77 750 engine in 81 650 frame?

    What he said
  15. R1guy

    Headlightcowl badges ET

    I expect a company like LPM could make some if there was enough interest.....