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  1. MeanBean49

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  2. MeanBean49

    New Mikuni RS Smoothbores for my 91 GSXR 750

    Personally I would invest in some dyno to to get them setup properly. Never know a set of aftermarket carbs work perfectly straight out of the box. Ive always run a single throttle cable with no problems at all.
  3. MeanBean49

    Used and Abused Spondon Turbo

    It was in a bit ago when they a Pendine article. Been waiting for a feature where they could do somthing with it. Hopefully it will come off. My leathers wont be ti, your safe
  4. MeanBean49

    Did my bottom end let go?

    Bearing shells do die very quickly indeed if they have been damaged, would take a lot of fuel in the oil to do it. But turning the motor over with a cylinder full of fuel can damage one and then when the motor runs the bearing dies very quick. Best thing to do is drop the oil and look for lots and lots of copper glitter in it. And look at the bottom of the rods, any that have gone will be a darker brown/blue/black colour withshreds of bearing either side.
  5. MeanBean49

    Voltage when off

    Realy doesnt change voltage. Its just so all the current for all the electrics isnt flowing through one little switch.
  6. MeanBean49

    Voltage when off

    You just need the orange to the load output side of your relay. Should work fine
  7. MeanBean49

    B12 Generator in Slabby

    You can still use the slabby pickup with bandit cdi, you just use one pickup and leave the other disconected. This post is about generators tho ;-)
  8. MeanBean49

    Voltage when off

    I have simple race looms on mine, I put red direct to battery and wire the orange into the coil live which is switched on by the kill switch.
  9. MeanBean49

    Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    Any model bandit 12 lump will be fine. Pod filters will be fine, you will need to re-jet but its best to get it setup on a dyno. Its a complete old wives tale about not getting rid of the airbox. Your not making the engine take in any more air than it was before. You just need to get the carbs aetup properly to compensate for the air being a bit more dense. Never ever had an issue getting a bike to run fine even with open face carbs with no filter
  10. MeanBean49

    Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    Bandit engines are a good swap. Easy to do and you can use the gsxr carbs and cdi (just be wary rev limit is a bit higher, if motor is good and your not doing constant limiter bashing its not an issue) Depends what sort of motor you want. Lazy easy power or somthing you have to rev and work the gearbox. An 884 big bore on the 750 lump with some head work will be quicker than a stock bandit/1100 motor.
  11. MeanBean49

    750 slingshot dynojet advice

    My tip would be chuck it in the bin. Get standard needles/springs back in. Drill out the air correctors if there was any. Stick it on a dyno and jet to suit and shim the stock needles if needed. You will get the same result with a fraction of the hassle
  12. MeanBean49

    Maine jets

    110 mains on a TD04 are normally pretty close to the mark
  13. MeanBean49

    Adding some torgue and bhp

    Do all the research you want. Theres nobody in the world can deny the laws of physics. A stock bandit 12 motor with jetting and a can will make about 115 rwbhp on a real reading dyno. You can probably push that to 120bhp with a good full system. Any more is just a pub bullshit figure. If that sort of power was easy to achieve Suzuki would have never bothered with development and water cooled motors. Same way you dont get a detuned motor that makes more than the tuned version. Believe whatever you want I would bet a pound to a pinch of shit on a propper dyno what the figures actually are
  14. MeanBean49

    Adding some torgue and bhp

    I tend to agree with @Gixer1460here. Its pretty easy to find a generous dyno and not correct the figure and run in 3rd gear and get a dyno sheet that shows a near stock bandit with nigh on 130bhp. Run a good GSXR on the same dyno and it will show 140bhp. Dyno sheets in general are good for nothung but pub talk. A good well setup jetted bandit with a filter and can will give a genuine 115bhp ish at the wheel, no more. You want to know whats really going on, you need to find a dyno that does a lot of stuff for racers and not power runs for road riders, your more likely to get real figures. Its quite funny, seen many suposed "good engines" that have been stage whatever'd and dyno sheets to prove make far less than they are supposed to when put in a propper reading dyno.
  15. MeanBean49

    CDI Info?

    1100 cdis are all pretty much the same rev limit and ignition curve wise. Slabby ones have twin pickup and a re a pain. Slingshot ones and GSXF (im fairly sure) are swapable (same plugs) and easiest to wire in. Bandit ones use different plugs and have the ballache of the resistor in the ignition barrell you have to get around otherwise they wont spark