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  1. Cobby

    B6/12 pushrod

    Using a b6 cable clutch on a b12, anyone done this that can tell me what length the pushrod needs to be?
  2. Cobby

    Mark 1 and 2 Bandit 1200 loom

    There's also differences between UK and USA/Canada spec bikes
  3. Cobby

    Gsx750es alternative swingarm ???

    The slingshot arm is too wide at the pivot, bandit arm is the closest fit with some custom tophats to use the original gsx750es pivot bolt
  4. Cobby

    Gsx750es options

    @Swirlwhat clocks are you using?
  5. Cobby

    Fatty & Yoshi.....

    2 years growing mould tut tut. Send it my way I could make good use of it while I sort my bike out
  6. Cobby

    What has the same stem as a 750 slingshot

    From a 93 750
  7. Cobby

    What has the same stem as a 750 slingshot

    Odd as my gsx750es stem pressed out of the gsx750es yokes and went straight into the slingshot yokes with no modifications whatsoever
  8. Cobby

    What has the same stem as a 750 slingshot

    Trust me you need the gsx750es stem
  9. Cobby

    Gsx750es options

    How much is it, if it's cheap enough I'd buy it and throw a tarpaulin over it till you can do it justice
  10. Cobby

    Gsx750es options

    The slingshot swingarm won't fit without machining the pivot down, not sure about the srad swingarm. I used a bandit arm which needed some custom top hats to suit the smaller gsx750es pivot spindle
  11. Cobby


    Pm'd you @Quincey
  12. Cobby

    750et swingarm swaps

    B12 is also narrower and as with the rf arm will fit with custom top hat spacers
  13. Cobby

    750ES oilpumpgears

    No worries
  14. Cobby

    750ES oilpumpgears

    Do you still have the bodywork for the ES?