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  1. wraith

    GSX-R cams in a GSX-F

    I don't think they are swapping them, as you say doesn't make sense. Have you had a look at Frankenstein pages? Full of good info I've got the 1100f motor in my Kat with 38mm gsx r carb and I love the way it puts its power out Miss W gsxr1100 is quicker but it needs reving harder. But also saying that, I will be putting a b12 motor with dot head and gsxr cams in the ET project (when I get on to it ) but if I had some 1100f cams I'd put them in instead of the gsxr one's I just like the bottom/mid range power of the f cams.
  2. wraith

    Why oh why

    And a nice sunny one at that but your not the only one, been replacing the out put seal and my gs1000g today
  3. B12 disc, gsx750f caliper and hanger all goes on top (think if I remember you need to drill out spindle hole on hanger) Or you could use the b12 hanger with the gsx750f caliper, now need to drill then also a gsx600f and gs500 (1990 on twin ) caliper will work.
  4. wraith

    say what now!? 1100m carbs

    I'm shore there is something in Frankenstein pages about these pipes? Something about some being blanked off. The b12 carbs are a 36mm (brain fade) are yours the 36mm or 40mm? If the 36mm you can drop them, may need to change/sell the jets, otherwise if the 40mm you really need the carb rubbers.
  5. wraith

    Katana fuel tank cap

    Did that but as the rest of the bike (apart from body work) is ever black or polished aluminium the one brass thing looks out of place , did repaint it black witch looked good but soon got scratch and looked tattey
  6. wraith

    Katana fuel tank cap

    looks like mine has no paint left on it, mite just repaint it, or go for a chrome one just to be different
  7. wraith

    Katana fuel tank cap

    Dose anybody know if a Katana 550/650 tank cap will fit a 1100 Kat? Both a round cap, just all the chrome on mine has came off leaving it a bronze colour. It still works just looks sh#t.
  8. wraith

    GS110X or EF Engine?

    The EF motor dose put more bhp out (in the uk) than the ET motor as standard, but I think over where you are they where all restricted to 100bhp (I may be wrong) In the old days people just put the EF head on the ET bottom end as the EF heads flowed better than the ET ones. Don't know if any of that helps
  9. wraith

    87 Slabby flatslides in 1100 et, jetting

    Air box or filters, are you using? If filters try starting around the 136 main jet, if air box try 125 main as a starting point. someone will be along most probably how can tell you what there running
  10. wraith

    I just got the shaft!

    Have you got/are you a good welder? If not do you know one? I've before now welded a 10mm but in top of the bust stud (as you say manifold bolt) it puts heat into the area and you can then remove the stud, you may need to re-weld a bit on 2-3 times if the stud is very f#cked
  11. wraith

    Fork oil in gsx1100et?

  12. wraith

    Fork oil in gsx1100et?

    As I've not fit a manual for a gsx1100et can anybody tell me how much oil goes in each fork leg (cc,ml) and mm hight? Cheers.
  13. wraith


    If your not running a big bore or running say 750 carbs on a 1000 etc, you should not need to alter the air screws, not with your set up anyway. First thing you need to do is the main jet and get it running right with that, then alter the needle height to get it smooth. If you go to your local bike shop they will most of the time swop jets once you have bort the first 4 jets
  14. wraith


    A 144 main jet is much bigger the standard 115 main jet and is bigger than the 130 main you have, the bigger the number on the jet the more fuel it will let through basically (very basically ) So I'd put say a 144 ish size jet in and remove the tape off the filters.
  15. wraith


    I think a 160 main will be too big, if you think jet sizes go up in 2.5 or 5 depending on the jets so even going to a 144 or a 150 will be a big jump from a 130. I'd start by going to say 144 /146 main jet as that's a good 5 or 6 jet sizes up.