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  1. Swiss Toni

    Fat bottom girl

    Harsh ... but true!
  2. Swiss Toni

    New head for gsx1100 kat engine (24bolt)

    That was common with the Triumph 8 stud alloy heads. No effect on performance, so lived with it. 9 stud heads solved the problem. Could be welded, but not cheap. As John says, might be worth looking farther afield to find the cause.
  3. Swiss Toni

    Gsx swingarm

    Just read your first post again. I see you want to stay twin shock. With a B12 arm, you'll need top hats to take the swinging arm spindle diameter down, (assuming 750 & 1100 frames are same width at 'arm mounting point). Otherwise 'arm may need mods. Get weld on lower shock mounts from Lucky 7, find a nice man who can weld, and away you go. As said before, a std. Kat/1100ET arm will fit with no mods, take a 160 no bother, or a 180 with a bit 'massaging'. Only going by my experience, as a 180 rubs against the stiffening webs on the inside of the arm.
  4. Swiss Toni

    Gsx swingarm

    Depends which way you want to go. Stay with the monoshock, or go twin shocks?
  5. Swiss Toni


    It's definitely a big improvement.
  6. Swiss Toni

    A DVLA Dating Question

    The bastards please themselves, and make it up as they go along. I can see us going to be lumbered with something akin to TUV. Our days are numbered!
  7. Swiss Toni

    My Project GSX1100xx

    Not the end of the world then!
  8. Swiss Toni

    Std perch???

    @DorkburgerYour cable entry point angle isn't as severe as mine. D&D's points away from the bars. Needs further investigation. Looks like a visit to 'Wanted' is on the cards!
  9. Swiss Toni

    Std perch???

    Perch was originally black, Dezza, it's been beadblasted. The bars I have fitted are a mid height sort of 'clip-on, albeit fitted above the top yoke. Std. Suzuki. Should the cable entry not be parallel to the bars?
  10. Swiss Toni

    Std perch???

    Does this look like a std. 1150 EFE clutch perch. Std. bars, but looks to be pointed in slightly wrong angle!
  11. Swiss Toni

    Cam cover bolts

    Now I remember her! There was an article about her and the company years ago in SF. Shame about her hubby. Nice lad!
  12. Swiss Toni

    My Project GSX1100xx

    Hey TrunKz! Welcome to OSS! What colours you going to do it in? Red & Black's a favourite!
  13. Swiss Toni

    Running in Wiesco pistons..... Opinions please

    The old adage used to be, 'Run it in gentle ... and it'll be slow'. 'Run it in hard ... and it'll be fast!' They say if you saw what Yamaha did to brand new R1's to seat the rings, your toes would curl!
  14. Swiss Toni

    Shock linkage bearings

    Try Kent Bearings.
  15. Swiss Toni

    Busa ash efe 1230

    Nice one, Ash.