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  1. Hi looking for an alternative for a slabby GsXR rear bulb holder, will say an RF 600 fit etc Had a look at Gsxr 600 K1 bulb holder look a good match, @ £15 it a bit of a punt. Any pointers in the right direction would be great G.
  2. Rsk_141

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

  3. Rsk_141

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    I have entered into negotiations for a gsx swingarm, I would hope to secure it for less than, £ 60.00 is this too optimistic?
  4. Rsk_141

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Seen a few GsX1100 et swingarms, It has twin shock mounts I take it it will be the same dimensions, any idea about shock angle? will this be badly effected IE shocks lying down too much, and width at rear axel as if I go with my wheel choices it not going that fat a rear tyre approx 120 section. G.
  5. Rsk_141

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Will, definitely keep this in mind.
  6. Rsk_141

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Cheers, but need to make top hats then cut off the dog bone thingy, then get shock mounts welded on, for me I would need a lathe, and a welder, of which I need both, so would have to pay someone to do it for me, which I would think is expensive, as I don't know anyone in the trade. And still end up with a steel swingarm, just a different shape. G.
  7. Rsk_141

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Chees guys, So would need a set of smaller bearings and a new sleeve? Cool! Only down side it going to make my back tyre look as skinny, as a Rude Boy's Tie! Will possibly get outbid but at least I'll find market price, Mmm ! Wonder how often do they come up for sale? Or, Would it be better to get new one with drag style adjusters? Mmm.......! G.
  8. Hi will a JMC swingarm for a GS1000 fit a Gs 550, I know "anything fit anything, if you hammers big enough" Would like to know if it's a case of swapping bearings IE pivot width is compatible, shock mount, etc. Cheers G.
  9. Cobra SR-1 Bought it from Exactrep 18yrs ago Had a V&H supersport before that. Would like Simbec's 300mm Eagle Mach 7 think it"s well cool.
  10. Rsk_141

    Gs 550 disc swap

    Just the info I was looking for! Cheers for that, will read in full later, but get the general ldea.
  11. Rsk_141

    Gs 550 disc swap

    Sorry for the confusion, but at this stage of a build I get so many different ideas, and change lanes quite often, I have limited access to, engineering, tools, workshops or friends, so have to rely on part compatability,, (Frankinstien approach, or is it Fronkinsteen ) Two major problems with the slabside front end: Not going to start altering a set of 1986 GsXr 1100 yokes. I think that would be crazy, The other is it would mean I would not be able to fit wheels that I like, I have only got a set of 3 spoke CMA wheel for the slabby, and I wasn't that keen on them when they were fitted to the slabby one of the reasons i swapped them out for The CBr wheels. Don't worry you'll catch up!
  12. Rsk_141

    Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Full length, I got : 795mm for the fork with the pinch bolt 785mm for the fork with out Hope this helps
  13. Rsk_141

    Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Can measure tonight if it would help.
  14. Rsk_141

    Gs 550 disc swap

    Hi was wondering if gsx 1100 efe front discs are the same bolt pattern as Gs 550, would like to upgrade brakes / twin floating discs, and some twin pot calipers. Any help with this would be great.
  15. Rsk_141

    Slabbie arrives ...now what

    Get a fire extinguisher. Mount it like a nitros bottle.