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  1. dupersunc

    Gsx1100ef motor in gsxr1100w

    That thing is all sorts of wrong. urrrghhh. I have seen a gsx in slabbie frame, it was only lightly modified, and I think the back of the cases were ground down a bit, to get it in. It may have been a 750 frame, as they're a bit longer in the engine bay believe it or not. Either way the W frames are shorter still, so you won't fit the gsx motor with out doing something ugly.
  2. dupersunc

    another jetting thread and cam timing

    Not something silly like throttle cable adjustment not giving you full throttle? The torque figure is low also. It's like it's just not getting enough air.
  3. dupersunc

    Jack up kit ?

    you need a longer shock or a different rocker link. An 1100 link jacks up a 750. 1100 need a custom rocker link. Pre 2006 r6 shocks work well on the 750. in all cases you need to clearance the swing arm to get the correct sag.
  4. dupersunc

    Any tips on welding subframe to gsxr slingshot frame

    In my experience you'll struggle with a 160 amp machine. the frame is a big lump off alloy so draws a lot of heat. Pre heating is an absolute must, and you'll need a decent heat source. warping shouldn't be an issue.
  5. dupersunc

    Used and Abused Spondon Turbo

    Chris Newbigingingigning. At Performance Bikes is trying to get hold of you @MeanBean49about doing a feature on your bike.
  6. dupersunc

    Looking for advice for tuning my gsxr 750 1990

    dyna 2000 are a complete waste of money. Wiseco do big bore high comp piston, a nice exhaust, and properly set -up carburation, would give you similar power to a stock 1100 and keep the revvy nature of the 750. A quick way to spend a grand.
  7. dupersunc

    BST38 help!

    Panic over. Found another set of needles and seats. bung them in and fixed it. Phew.
  8. dupersunc

    BST38 help!

    Just doing some last minute prep on the race bike. Had a bit of fuel coming out the vent hose at Donington the other week. Turned fuel on the morning and it's absolutely pissing out the vent for number 3, not just a dribble a full torrent. Float heights checked float valves and seats swapped for good items. Still pissing out. What I'm I missing? Help!!!! Want to be loaded and gone tomorrow morning for practice Friday.
  9. dupersunc

    Crank drilling???....

    I assume you mean the output shaft, not the crankshaft? if so, they aren't to bad to drill. Anyone one with a lathe and knowledge of cutting speeds should be able to do it.
  10. dupersunc

    Dimensions Harris Magnum 4

    Would be awesome if you get hold of something, even if it' not 100% correct.
  11. dupersunc

    Dimensions Harris Magnum 4

    Did you manage to get these cad models ?
  12. dupersunc

    Engine swap

    Oil cooler doesn't bolt straight on, you'll need to fab up some brackets
  13. dupersunc

    Engine swap

    Motor is a straight bolt in, except the crank pick ups if you are using the slabbie loom. Carbs will fit no trouble, but I don't think you'll be able to use the slabbie airbox with out some modification.
  14. dupersunc

    1990 gsxr750m

    Too good to break. Original unmolested bikes are getting hard to find.
  15. dupersunc

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    The basic loom is abou £12 from memory, or just the connector is £6. The basic loom does make a cheap and simple start for a chassis loom.