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  1. SFC


    not sure if its got a proper name but been told its a kawazuki by moss
  2. SFC

    low cranking

    done all that you said lads and starter motor was good after a clean , new starter relay was duff and they exchanged no problem then i bought a new lithium battery and all's good , will tidy back up wires and move onto next problem , thanking you all for help
  3. SFC

    low cranking

    tried most suggestions but still the same , jump leads from running car...wires are starting to look a mess as going through all of them slowly....baffled
  4. SFC

    low cranking

  5. SFC

    low cranking

    yes i am at a loss at the moment , going to check crank trigger aint fouling crank , whip out plugs and hand turn engine , check some earths , i like to do most things myself but tried everything i know....i know the battery's are not too clever but jumping from car should be good power ?
  6. SFC

    low cranking

    brand new , i have two of them , will have a look in a bit , thank you all for suggestions
  7. SFC

    low cranking

    if i put starter motor straight to battery it spins and cranks good , same if i arc the terminals on starter relay , must be losing power through m unit ?
  8. SFC

    low cranking

    m unit blue with dyna 2000 ignition , got spark , bandit 12 motor/750 head/cams....all lights/horn and indys plus motogadet mini speedo work. i have had it run with choke badly , once i turned off choke it cut out , battery flat next day , was told i wired it wrong so done as advised , lithium battery heated up and now leaking, old battery charged plus jump leads still cranking very slow...will check earth's again in the morn
  9. SFC

    low cranking

    will try in the morn , good running engine when left in september , nothing changed with it ,,,earth off engine ? starter motor spins great with engine earth and live from battery , also have earth the frame and a few in loom ? .........thinking on , i did join engine earth together as didnt have a long enough one but as said spins on battery , would that make a difference ? much appreciated for your help
  10. SFC

    low cranking

    i have rewired my bike and used m-unit , got spark and oil in the middle .everything works but i am getting very slow cranking and will not start , i have tried 3 battery's one new lithium and all now dead , 2 starter relays and had starter motor off and tested , all seems fine . today i even hooked upto car to jump it and still the same ? anyone got any idea before i put it away and leave till next winter
  11. SFC


    bit more done in the sun
  12. SFC

    Voltage when off

    ive had problems with same thing except i am using m unit , ive been told red to battery + (ive used m unit + ) orange to ignition output on m unit which fires the coils ....not tried yet but will let you know
  13. SFC

    GSXR 7/12 Project Update

  14. SFC

    info needed

    feck me ,, now i got one of those parasitic draws , got to recharge battery before i can investigate
  15. SFC

    A few parts I've made for the build so far

    clever stuff , them adjustable dogbones look great