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  1. clivegto

    Fork id

    Found a clip on you tube I now know.
  2. clivegto

    1100 slabbie steering damper options?

  3. clivegto

    Fork id

    How is this done ?
  4. clivegto

    Fork id

    Yea, can't drop em through any more. Rides alright though so far.
  5. clivegto

    Fork id

  6. clivegto

    Fork id

    Just got this 1100 slabby it needs fork seals & oil. I can see they are trumpet forks but my question is from which model.
  7. clivegto

    JMC slabside

    Never seen one like this before, am impressed with it.
  8. clivegto

    JMC slabside

    Certainly looks like it to me mate just not seen one like this before, even has what looks like to me a ride hight adjuster.
  9. clivegto

    JMC slabside

    Never seen one like this before but does look to be all JMC & sort of matches the frame. Any one els seen one like this.
  10. clivegto

    Slingshot mirrors

    Mirrors good for watching the stuff your leaving behind lol.
  11. clivegto

    1127 crank into 1052

    @Gixer1460where did the strocker crank come from.
  12. clivegto

    JMC slabside

    Nice one mate.
  13. clivegto

    JMC slabside

    Has any one got pictures of a JMC swinging arm fitted to first generation gsxr 750 or 1100.
  14. clivegto

    Slabside disc

    Thinking about it my question should be is there a smaller back disc that will fit a b12 wheel.