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  1. SiBag

    GSF 1250 swinging arm anyone used one?

    GSXR 600, k3 I think, it's 5.5" rear.
  2. SiBag

    GSF 1250 swinging arm anyone used one?

    I have one in my gsx1100 EF project. It was running an exup swingarm when I got it so pivot had been machined to take the larger spindle od. Just needed a couple of spacers machining.
  3. SiBag

    Gia 1216

    Filth utter filt. Amazing to see a frame in the actual fabrication process.
  4. SiBag

    Carb centerline measurement for 1127?

    Odd, as the MK-II carbs I had were totally different spacing. (and if you check bandit forums etc they also comment on different spacing) Same port spacing, but carbs are spaced differently and use totally different Carn rubbers,
  5. SiBag

    Carb centerline measurement for 1127?

    As said above 77 - 93 - 77 Should be the same for all the oil cooled (except Bandit Mk-II different inlet rubbers) and air cooled motors.
  6. SiBag

    Gsx750es k1 swingarm

    Nice work, looking good so far. Oh and welcome to OSS.
  7. SiBag

    My Project GSX1100xx

    Welcome to OSS land
  8. SiBag

    Slotting sprockets

    From memory I did a slot on mine about 12mm long. Not sure what that is in degrees. Prob about plus and minus 6 Deg or so.
  9. SiBag

    Dimensions Harris Magnum 4

    Turns out it was a mag 1 frame he modelled up, and I don't think he is keen on passing on the CAD file...
  10. SiBag

    Dimensions Harris Magnum 4

    No I didn't, But he messaged me this morning, So Ill ask if he still has them. Not sure how accurate they are.
  11. SiBag

    Flatslide woes

    Are you using a push me pull your throttle?
  12. SiBag


    The GS, GSX and GSXR oil boilers all have the same sizes for the headstock spindle..
  13. SiBag

    EFE's new clothes, take 3

    Epic as ever, The only thing I'm getting painted at the moment is the bloody house.
  14. SiBag

    Dialling in cams

    I thought I had the one off the Old Debben website in PDF but cant find it. The Link that @fatblokeonbanditposted is pretty much the same procedure that was on Debbens. I made my own positive stop, worked OK..
  15. SiBag

    Nitrous & Fuel Solenoids

    Thanks for the feedback @Gixer1460that explains a lot. Ill stick to mounting them vertically then. Thanks..