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  1. markfoggy

    Triumph rear wheel on an slabside

    Sorry, been a while since I looked, I am a little fixated on keeping spacers captive, so for these wheels on skinny spindles I am a little screwed on a full Endurance spec set up. Plan is to switch out to higher spec wheels, but with an integral cush at a much later date. Good pointers though.
  2. markfoggy

    Triumph rear wheel on an slabside

    I'm in this as well and I think/fear that the news may not be great. I am probably guilty of suggesting that this should be really do-able, but it's looking like it will all go wrong on the drive hub side. The sprocket line should be fine, you are running a 180 tyre with the chain just about kissing the tyre edge and it should all drop into place. The trouble comes in the sprocket carrier, which has a really deep boss for the Outer bearing and it looks like this is never going to be workable with the stock arm. Triumph seem to use this carrier across all sorts of models and years, so I can't see any alternatives here. I should really have got forward enough in my project to give more advice, but life intervening and all that. I couldn't see the problem , cause I was busy switching arms to something else, so what looked like a relatively simple job is actually a lot more involved. I think that the problem is going to be, that if you machine the hub carrier down enough to get the wheel central, there is not enough room in there for the seal. The outer hub seal is quite slim ( a slimmer seal might be available, but I doubt it) and it lands on a circlip that is the bearing stop coming from the other direction. The solution is to run a slimmer bearing and reduce the depth of the spacer that goes inside, but that means cutting a new groove for a circlip, which is a complete ball ache and impossible to make strong unless you fill the existing circlip groove with weld ( a major fackin ball ache). So, I put my hands up, I've probably cost you some money.
  3. markfoggy

    Fuel line conns?

    Surely you just take the tap off and blow through the feed side to identify which is main or reserve, Ickle spigot off the diaphragm cover is the vac, though is difficult to spot in photo.
  4. markfoggy

    Radiator Change

    Possibly worth looking at what Cagiva did with the Raptor, same engine and was essentially a naked bike, cause V raptor wasn't exactly faired. Could be a good source of a rad, there will be unused stock out there on the web world.
  5. markfoggy

    “Invisible” enginetuning

    I really hope that there is a note in there saying, 'Oh No Not Again!'
  6. markfoggy

    GSXR 7/12 Project Update

  7. Hey Viz, relax the rules a little Cavalstrophic in a Slabby would be cool.
  8. markfoggy

    Classic bike shops/sites Tokyo?

    Nankai always worth a visit.
  9. markfoggy

    Dogbones/rear shock knuckle bolt replacement?

    The ball in the joint has a very small contact patch, so it is important to fit a washer to stop it eating anything aluminium. Even when it runs onto steel, a washer and regular replacement is worth it. That ball it very hard and the carrier is a softer material, is designed to wear the carrier more than the ball, so the whole area has a limited life. They are cheap enough to source and replacement is usually possible. Ff you want to get a high end damper to live forever in a difficult to access area, you can buy rubber boots, but they are bastards to fit. I have a habit of shooting chain lube at them to get them lubed, idea being that it will stay where I want it for longer than a dribble of oil or a shot of WD40.
  10. markfoggy

    running decent, finally~!

    Have a little look at the slides from the engine side. The crescent cut out on that side of the slides needs to have a decent gap on a closed throttle for the pilot circuit to work properly. You normally know that something is wrong 'cause you get the bike hanging revs on a closed throttle, but seeing as you are in Canada, I doubt that you've been out much yet. I've seen 2 sets of new Mikis, where although the carbs are set balanced, the slide height is wrong from new. Simple visual check before you go running around chasing shadows.
  11. markfoggy

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    My bad....was meaning that you are not going to see how well mannered and tractable a 3D mapped bike is by looking at a simple Dyno trace. Looks like Keihin do a set of 41mm with TPS, I'm guessing that a side pull conversion on any set of carbs could be modded to rig a TPS in there. This is all going to take some thought.
  12. markfoggy

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    Not something that you are going to see on a Dyno. I've only seen it on a stop watch and heard 'He just comes off the corners so good'. And to be honest I think that was without a TPS.
  13. markfoggy

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

  14. markfoggy

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    Ah, so a TCPi4 comes in the box with with a Loom plug and some wire already hanging out the back of the thing. Their site really does not make that clear. Ok, I'm in Budapest next weekend and my funds are going towards hanging out of the back of something a bit more attractive than a black plastic box. Upon my return, I will enter into discussions with yourself or Dunc.
  15. markfoggy

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    I'll be in touch. Price on the loom bit seems to be 7 Euro if purchased with a box, which seems implausibly cheap, hence I thought I would get a grown up to ask. Please.